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Order Pine Nuts Without Shell (Chilgoza)
Pine Nuts Without Shell (Chilgoza)
From Rs. 2,300 Rs. 2,450
In stock, 339 units
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buy badam online
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buy almonds online
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pista online
Pista/Pistachio Unshelled - Plain Pista (100% Natural)
From Rs. 699 Rs. 900
In stock, 1509 units
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buy almonds online
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dates online
Buy Ajwa Dates - Organic Ajwa Dates from Medina
From Rs. 600 Rs. 799
In stock, 132 units
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dry fruits online
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Dried Figs (Anjeer) - Fresh White Medium Sized Fig
From Rs. 550 Rs. 799
In stock, 1335 units
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Save Rs. 299
dates online
Kalmi Dates - Healthy & Nutritious Soft Khajoor
From Rs. 500 Rs. 799
In stock, 1289 units
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pista online
Pista Salted (Pistachio) – Premium Quality Pista Nuts
From Rs. 500 Rs. 699
In stock, 1452 units
Save Rs. 199
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Kashmiri Badam Almonds - Badam Giri
From Rs. 500 Rs. 699
In stock, 1822 units
Save Rs. 109
salted cashews
Salted Cashew Nuts – Crunchy & Roasted Jumbo Size
From Rs. 490 Rs. 599
In stock, 1714 units
Save Rs. 219
Plain Cashews Kernals - Premium Quality
From Rs. 480 Rs. 699
In stock, 1433 units
Save Rs. 129
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Peri Peri Cashew – High Quality Cashews
From Rs. 470 Rs. 599
In stock, 1325 units
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Black Kishmish (Raisins)
From Rs. 450 Rs. 599
In stock, 1385 units
Save Rs. 200
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Buy Yellow Apricot Khumani (Seedless) – Organic 100% Premium Quality
Save Rs. 94
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dry fruits
Munakka Raisins - Natural Abjosh Raisin (Kismish)
From Rs. 350 Rs. 499
In stock, 1435 units
Save Rs. 70
Dried Apricots (Jardalu) Online
Dried Apricots (Jardalu) - White Color
From Rs. 350 Rs. 420
In stock, 1464 units
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Pure Golden Raisins (Kishmish) – FSSAI Approved
From Rs. 280 Rs. 399
In stock, 1616 units
dry fruits online
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dry fruits price

Get your daily grip of good health. Your favourite dried fruits is here.

We love dried fruit because it’s such a simple, delicious way to keep our health in check. Dried fruit is also a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
Kashmir Online Store : A Selective List of Dried Fruits are Here For You with a Purpose of providing quality dried fruits online throughout india & Worldwide Shipping.
We are dedicated to providing quality nuts online throughout India & We have Worldwide Customers.
We provide a selective list of dried fruits that are here for you to buy. We have top-quality range of almonds, walnuts, dates, fig ( anjeer ), apricot, pinenuts and we make sure that you will find what you're looking for at our site. If you need any help or support with your shopping, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Regarding our prices are lower than any other dry fruit store and we make sure that our products are pure and Natural which are direct from source.

What are the Types of Dry Fruits Which We have in Our Store:

The Best Types of Dry Fruits in our Store are as:

  1. Almonds (Special Mamra Kashmiri, Afghani & Iranian Almonds).
  2. Walnuts ( Kashmiri ). Online
  3. Figs ( Anjeer ).
  4. Dates ( Ajwa, Medjool, Kalmi, Amber ).
  5. Pista (Green , Salted/ Roasted, Plain Pistachios ).
  6. Cashew (Raw, Salted/ Roasted Cashew, Peri Peri Masala Cashews ).
  7. Apricots / Jardaloo.
  8. Pine Nuts ( Chilgoza ). Online
  9. Mixed Dry Fruits.
  10. Buy & Order Best Quality Dried Fruits Today :

    It’s the perfect time to order your dried fruit with us. With Discounted Price we are giving best quality and top notch dried fruits from our store. We make sure that our we are provide natural products with seal pack quality. Just give a try from Kashmir online store. We provide safe and healthy for the body, it’s also a cost-effective way of buying best buy dry fruits online.

    Why We :

    We love dried fruits because they are such an underrated source of nutrients. They are high in fiber, vitamin C, and minerals. And they are a great way to keep your system healthy and looking great! You don’t need a separate grocery store for every type of dried fruit – we have a huge selection best dried fruit of dried fruits are perfect for any occasion.

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