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For over 5 years, Kashmir Online Store is helping you to have quality Food Products In Order to remain fit and Fine. Our Goal Is to provide quality Kashmiri Products and we are committed to our consistent quality and we don’t compromise for quality at all.

We are happy that we are now the Family Of almost More Than 10000 People who are currently happy with Service and Quality. Kashmir Online Store Is Only Food Store In India which Provide Return Policy If you’re not satisfied with us.

What Are Kashmiri Products Famous For?

A well known saying is Kashmir is known for Things Kashmir Beauty, Kashmiri Dry Fruits, Kashmir Honey, and Kashmiri Saffron. These Products are unmatchable in the world. Kashmir Online Store is Kashmiri Based Online Shop Where you can Buy Good and Pure Quality Products of Kashmir. Especially saffron (Kesar), dry fruitsshilajit ( almonds, walnuts, figs, Apricot, kahwa tea….).

Why You Should Buy From Kashmir Online Store?

The  Reason For  Developing Kashmir Online Store is Just To Provide Hassle Free Pure Quality Products With Good  Service towards Customers which are in need of Kashmiri Products Like Saffron, Shilajit, Dry Fruits Like Walnuts, Almonds, Figs.

And other famous Kashmiri Products. Moreover, anyone can check try and test the quality of Products. Furthermore, the reason for Making and Developing the Kashmir Online Store is to Provide Door To Door Services to Customers who are Actually Searching for Pure, Organic, and Original Kashmiri products.

Kashmir Online Store Provide You 24 Hours Customer Support Including WhatsApp Chat For You Can Contact any and anytime. We as a team are always ready to Help Our Customers and they are very loyal to us. For Our Customers, we have established 2 Offices in Kashmir and Delhi so that customer doesn’t feel any problems.

So Far Our Customers are Feeling Good and a Lot of Work has to be done towards our improvement so we are working day and Night to provide quality Service. This is tough but not impossible. Let us join Hands in Order to make it a Successful Kashmiri-based online shopping portal by which you can buy Products on the basis of originality, purity, and quality.

Our Objectives –

Often You Have Seen children and Youth Having Popular Junk Foods in This Modern World. Eating Continuously Junk Foods Cause Health Problems. Dry Fruits are the best Alternative Range Of Foods In order to remain Healthy and Maintained.

This will Help youths and Children finds a healthy thing to keep themselves fixed to tackle their pressures, it will not only help them retain their sound health but also boost their efficiencies for better performances.

Kashmir Online Store is launching a Wide Variety of Dry Food Products, Honey, and Spices Which, They Assure, Will Present a Strong Alternative to Junk foods and other Vicious Products.

When Someone talks of Dry Foods, it may be argued that for centuries it is popularly for its nutrition values and tastes but may suggest you if you want to buy quality dry fruits then you have check Kashmiri online shopping based website which sells Real and original Kashmiri products online;  Here lies our selling secret.

Though the parents very much know that Dry Fruits are good for their child’s health, can they make her/him eat it with the same craving spirits as the child holds for the several ranges of junk food products?

In the same way, is it imaginable that the youth finds the like craving for the Dry Fruits as s/he feels for tobacco products and Viruses?

We firmly claim here that now in the very near future there will be a scenario that the child will pester their parents to buy her/him almond, cashew, or pistachio or will spend the pocket money in purchasing ‘Kashmir Online Store’ products.

Worldwide Delivery Option

We Offer Worldwide Delivery Option to Customers. Not Only From India but We are Provide Food Delivery to USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, and Saudi. If you want to buy from us from Outside India Please Contact us before placing an order. We will Love to help and Serve You By any means.

One Day Delivery

We Offer Day Delivery in Delhi and Nearby Area like Haryana Depending upon The situation. Please Call Before Making Order For One Day Delivery in Delhi.

2 Day Delivery

Nearly 2 Days Is also possible for nearby areas Like Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Gujrat. Customers Need Call before Making 2 Day Delivery.

5 Day Delivery

We Offer our Dry Fruits to the whole of India within a Time Period of 5 Days. Customers from Hyderabad, Mumbai, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and the Many South Indian States Gets within The time period of 5 to 7 Days.

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