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4 in One Combo Royal Patterned Dry Fruits Box – 4 Types of Dry Fruits Diwali Gift Box
Save Rs. 199
Premium Afghani Almonds Online
Save Rs. 199
buy ajwa dates online
Ajwa Dates (Original & Natural)
From Rs. 600 Rs. 799
In stock
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Buy Amber Dates online
Amber Dates
From Rs. 700 Rs. 999
In stock
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Buy Barari Dates Online
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Buy Dry Fruits Gifts Online
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buy California Almonds online india
California Almonds - FSSAI Certified
From Rs. 450 Rs. 650
In stock
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buy golden diwali gift box
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Diwali Dry Fruits Gift Box With Silver Platted Bowl
Save Rs. 469
Double Golden Patterned Design on Wooden Box – Diwali Dry Fruits Box Gift
Save Rs. 70
Dried Apricots (Jardalu) - White Colour
Dried Apricots (Jardalu) - White Colour
From Rs. 350 Rs. 420
In stock
Save Rs. 249
Figs Online (Dry Anjeer)- Fresh White Medium Sized Fig
Save Rs. 149
High Quality Afghani Mamra Badam (Almond)
High Quality Afghani Mamra Badam ( Almond)
From Rs. 650 Rs. 799
In stock
Save Rs. 149
High Quality Wooden Designed Box – Golden Patterned Royal Design – Diwali Gift Box
Save Rs. 299
Buy High Quality Irani Mamra Almond
Irani Mamra Almonds - Premium Quality
From Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,299
In stock
Save Rs. 249
Buy Kalmi Dates (Natural Arabian Kalmi Khajoor)
Save Rs. 199
Buy Kashmiri Almonds - Oil Rich Badam
Kashmiri Almonds - Oil Rich Badam
From Rs. 500 Rs. 699
In stock
Save Rs. 249
Kashmiri Mamra Badam (Almond)
Kashmiri Mamra Badam (Almond)
From Rs. 650 Rs. 899
In stock
Save Rs. 149
Buy Medjool Dates Online
Save Rs. 350
dry fruits with honey online
Mix Dry Fruits Honey - Pure and Sugar-Free
From Rs. 649 Rs. 999
In stock, 1795 units
Save Rs. 249
Buy Natural Walnut Without Shell
Natural Walnut Without Shell (Kernels)
From Rs. 550 Rs. 799
In stock
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New Crystal Clear Wooden Designed Diwali Gift Box – 4 in 1 Dry Fruits Gift Box
Save Rs. 419
Perfect Diwali Gift Box
Save Rs. 349
Premium Designed Patterned Box With 4 Types of Dry Fruits – Diwali Gift Box
Save Rs. 249
Premium Kashmiri Almonds Mamra Kernel
Save Rs. 399
buy diwali gift hampers online
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Royal Elephant Designed Patterned Wooden Gift Box – Dry Fruits Diwali Gift Box 4 in One
Save Rs. 129
Wooden Diwali Gift Box Online

Explore Our Selection Of Dried Fruit

We have a vast selection of dried fruits on offer here at Nuts About Life, including:

  • Almonds (Badam) Online
  • Pine Nuts (Chilgoza) Online
  • Pistachio (Pista)
  • Mixed Dry Fruits
  • Dry Fig Fruit
  • Dried Apricot
  • Dates
  • Dried Raisins (Kishmish) Online
  • Cashews (Kaju)
  • Dry Berries
  • Pine Nuts (Chilgoza)
  • Best Seller

Each order is packed on the morning of its delivery to ensure ultimate freshness and all of our dried fruit is stored in temperature controlled warehouses so it maintains its high quality. To save money and earn rewards when you buy your dried fruit from Nuts About Life, join Nuts About Life Rewards; every time you share Nuts About Life with your family or friends, you will receive a $10 reward! You can also earn reward points by following us on Facebook, sharing our page, shopping online, and signing up for the program. It’s as easy as that!

More About Nuts About Life

Since 2014, Nuts About Life has been a top supplier of nuts, grains and seeds, dried fruit, beans and legumes, herbs and spices, cooking and baking items, sweets, snacks and bakery items, along with a wide range of organic products. We aim to spread healthy and sustainable snacking habits while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint behind. We pack every single order in sustainable packaging and use the only 100% carbon neutral shipping company, Sendle, to ship deliveries. We also encourage customers to bring back any used packaging so that we can properly dispose of it and minimise landfill waste.

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