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The dried stigmas of the purple-coloured flower called Crocus-Sativus scientifically, are termed as Saffron Strands. To say in lame man terms, Stigma is the female reproductive part of the flower that receives pollen. In Saffron flower, the stigmas are large red colour threads. These red coloured threads when sun-dried give us the worlds most costly spice, Kesar.

Indians have many names to call this Spice by. To some it may be Zafran, Safran, Kesar, Saffron, Kumkumappu, kumkumam, etc.

Kashmiri Saffron is rich in taste, flavour and deep in Color. Its bitterish taste is a sign of its originality. And when it comes to testing whether the spice is original, this test is the most reliable. Colouring can be faked, the flavour can be replicated, but the real taste remains and is the sign of originality. Also, Saffron gives a mild aroma too.

Saffron Strands may be present as long unbroken threads but they do come in powdered form as well. After Sun-Drying the Saffron Strands, they are crushed to obtain the kesar powder. However, this raises the prices.

There are nearly 470 Saffron Strands in one Gram of the spice. If we are to consider 3 strands per serving, then 1 Gram of Saffron will last 150 Servings long.

Saffron Strands are crispy, the Kashmiri Variety of Zafran is thicker and emits more aroma than the other Varieties. Each flower produces only 3 stigmas that count to the 7mg weight or maybe less when dried. This is one of the reasons Why Saffron Is Expensive.Consuming Saffron threads directly and more than a few strands a day may be a little risky. It is recommended to have Saffron with milk, or biryani or pulao or curd for that matter. You can make So many sweets with just Kesar and Milk as main Ingredients.

This was just the general description of Saffron Strands, Let us now know how to determine the purity of Saffron Strands.

Pure Saffron Strands

We rely on our sense organs to determine the purity of Saffron threads. Saffron is sweet to smell yet, bitter to taste. Actually, the smell isn’t Sweet completely but it somewhat feels like you are smelling sweet hay. The taste is somewhat bitter-ish, yet sweet. Though they may not make complete sense to you, if you haven’t tasted Kesar ever.

However, you will agree and will kind of feel lost in words once you taste it on your own. Saffron strands are long threads with a wide opening, as if like some lamp, but of course very thin compared to that.

Identifying the real saffron is a challenge though when you are making the purchase for the first time. The spice doesn’t give colour immediately when put in water. Instead, the colour would be infused slowly. Furthermore, if you rub saffron thread between your thumb and finger, the color will turn orangish-yellow.

Pure Kashmiri Saffron

The best test of determining the purity of Saffron according to me is tasting a thread. Because everything but the taste can be replicated. Many people are of the belief of colour testing being the best. Although, that may be reliable not the best.

Another test is to mix saffron strands with baking soda and then filling the container with warm water. If the mixture turns yellow, the spice is original.

People often get fooled by receiving marigold flowers, instead of Saffron. There is a huge visual difference between the two. Marigold flowers aren’t long. The shape of Flowers is completely different from saffron threads. And above all, saffron threads are deep red in Color.

After giving so many checks, now it shouldn’t be difficult to recognize the original saffron threads.

We at Kashmir Online store bring to you the best of the Saffron Threads. From Cultivation to harvest to sun-drying and then packing, each of the processes is manual. It is an extremely tiring work that too completely hands labor.  However, We keep keen care about sterility. Our men in the farms have their hands covered with gloves whilst plucking the flavours from the fields.

Then a large clean cloth is spread and the women separate the threads from the flower. Later the threads are sun-dried on a completely sanitized sheet. Then packaging happens in the glass jar with men having their tidy gears on. We believe in quality and the satisfaction of the customers. Maybe you may find our product a little expensive than the others, but that is the sign of our product originality. Here is another Check for you guys, Saffron Comes pricey.

Saffron For Skin

And if you are purchasing the Original Kashmiri Saffron From Pampore, add a few more bucks to it. The reason for this is that Pampore is called a saffron town. This is one of the only few places in the world where Saffron grows naturally. Furthermore, Kashmiri Saffron is tastier, gives more aroma, infuses more colour, the threads are much thicker and larger than the other varieties and have many medicinal benefits.
Let us look at the benefits of Saffron Strands. But first of all, here is the Best Kashmiri Saffron that can be made available to you at your doorstep.

Saffron Strands Benefits:

If we begin counting the Benefits of Saffron Strands, I think we may run out of the lists. but nevertheless, here we have a few of the most known benefits that Saffron Serves us with. Let us know a few.

Crocin the water-soluble carotene present in Saffron Strands is known to kill cancer cells without affecting the normal cell.

Saffron threads are known to promote learning abilities and sharpen memories. Crocin Further mends the age-related memory issues like dementia, Alzheimer’s and is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and inflammation as well.

     Best Kashmiri Saffron

Saffron threads are used in the stimulation of the hormones, acting as a sexual stimulant. Saffron Strands also serve dermatological benefits of inducing hair growth and giving radiant-looking skin. Saffron Strands have been long used to cure a cold, cough and fever.

Saffron Benefits

Saffron threads are known to cure menstrual cramps-relieving effect on pain. Women are known to experience mood swings during menses as well as in Pregnancy. Consumption of Saffron threads act as a mood enhancer and gives a feeling of peace.

The potassium in Saffron is known to be of great help to those who suffer from hypertension. Thus blood pressure can be lowered using saffron. This may be beneficial for Type-2 diabetics as well, As hypertension and hyperglycemia are known to be linked.

Saffron is known to induce good sleep as induces a feeling of peace.
Saffron threads are known to have a good iron content- thus anemia can be fought with by keeping up the hemoglobin levels.

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