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Best Quality Saffron Brand In The World 


Saffron is the most costly spice in the world. Due to the limited number of places, it can grow throughout the world, the health benefits it serves, and the availability in a few months of the year, this spice is often referred to as red gold. The process of the cultivation of this flower to the harvesting of the spice is complete labour requiring hard manual work.  This delicate spice is known to be added for its aroma and the exotic flavour it adds to the dishes it is added in. 

Moreover, it serves a lot more benefits than the regular spices we know. 

Let Us first know a little bit of the briefing about Saffron, followed by how we can determine the Best quality Saffron among these many varieties in the world.


Saffron is basically the dried stigma of the purple coloured flower Crocus Sativas. Each of the flowers bears three stigmas. The soil suitable for the cultivation of this spice needs to be loamy and should easily allow the water to pass. The temperatures ideal for the growth of this flower should neither be too hot nor too cold. This is the reason why its cultivation is witnessed in a few places of the world.   

Most of the world’s saffron comes from Iran. It is the largest producer of Saffron. The spice is believed to have its roots from here as well. Spanish saffron has its own popularity and is widely consumed throughout Europe. Women do the harvest part here mostly. They have songs for the season and this has become their tradition now. 

Spanish Saffron has many types. Coupe, La Macha, Rio, Sierra. Among these Coupe is known to be of the highest quality. However, La Macha variety of Spanish Saffron is the most costly as it is protected under D.O.P. Rio is somewhat of standard saffron while Sierra is known to be the lowest quality, Spanish Saffron.   

Likewise, Iranian Saffron is categorized too. There is Sargol, Super Negin, Negin and Pushal, ranked in their order of quality. Sargol is all red yet shorter stigma.

Super Negin is the most expensive variety as the threads are long, trimmed to eliminate the yellow part. Negin is long like that of the Super Negin, the difference is it contains some yellow part.  And then there is Pushal, the cheapest variety of Iranian Saffron as they serve no medicinal benefits or culinary benefits at all. A large part of the style is orange and yellow.


Then comes the Kashmiri Saffron Variety. Kashmiri Saffron is the highest quality Saffron in the world. The threads are long, deep-red and thick.  Furthermore, being restricted to a few towns within Kashmir makes it costlier than the other varieties. The benefits that Kashmiri Saffron Serves are more as well. There are three varieties of Kashmiri Saffron. Laccha, Mongra, and Gucchi Saffron. Laccha Saafron is Stigma with Style, all three stigmas of the flower are intact with the yellow style at its base. The stigmas are dried as soon as they are dethatched from the flower. No processing is involved. In Mongra Saffron the Stigmas are separated, sun-dried, and then processed traditionally. It has Stigmas only. In Gucchi Saffron the stigmas are loosely packed, otherwise, it is the same as Laccha Saffron.   

Pampore is known as the Saffron Town. This area is Majorly witnesses the cultivation and harvesting of Saffron. We are from Pampore and in the business of Saffron Cultivation since 6 Long Decades. The Saffron By Kashmir Online Store is completely Organic, free from human touch and no preservatives added. We Deliver throughout the Indian Subcontinent. Though we Have shifted to the online webstore recently, But we are extremely overwhelmed by our own customers from across India who found it to be an act of service as they no longer have to visit our shops in Delhi or Pampore itself.

We have started delivering to world wide as well. GI-tag has given our brand the world wide recognition. Now we as sellers sell our products with 100% genuine pricing. Furthermore, Customers can be at ease as no one can defraud them with respect to the authenticy and the Orginality of the product


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Best Saffron Brand In India

Kashmir is the only place in India that supports the growth of saffron naturally. There have been scientific advancements that ha led to the growth of Saffron in so many other places in India. However, originality and naturality speak for themselves. Outsides Kashmir there are a few regions of Himachal where Saffron cultivation is evident. 


There are a few Kashmir based brands that are the best and 100% authentic. These include Lion Saffron, Noor Saffron, Taj Mahal Saffron, OMNA saffron. We recommend These varieties after our Product. You can make the Purchase from Amazon, Flipkart or their company websites. 





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Best Saffron Brand In USA 


The USA doesn’t witness saffron cultivation in any of its areas. It imports the spice from countries like Spain, Afghanistan, and Iran mostly. The reason for this is that Saffron from these states is a little cheaper than Kashmiri Saffron. The rates surge a little higher due to import taxes and all. But with the introduction of GI-tag to Kashmiri Saffron, you can buy our product in the USA as well. Well, Internet has its own benefits. 

Some of the most popular Saffron Brands in the USA are: 


KIVA La Mancha Saffron, Mehr Saffron, McCormik gourmet Spanish Saffron, RedSaff Afghan Saffron Threads, Zara Saffron, Fire Red Saffron. No Indian Brand is present among these. However, you can order our Saffron In USA also and get it delivered to your doorstep. 



Best Saffron Brand In UAE


The gulf countries are all deserts. A very little to no vegetation can be seen here. So one cannot expect to witness the cultivation of saffron in the UAE. Dubai like other countries imports Saffron from the other parts of the world. GI-tag introduced last year lets the Kashmiri Saffron growers bring their product at the exhibition and allow them to sell the spice openly in Dubai.

Our brand stands there as well. However, there are a few distributors belonging to other countries who have opened their stores in this part of the country as well. A few of the Best Saffron Brands in UAE are: 

Mozaffari Iranian Saffron, and Qaenat Saffron. 

To Buy Saffron From Kashmir Online Store, you can place your order by clicking the button below.     




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Saffron For Pregnancy


Best Saffron Brand In India For Pregnancy

 Upakarma Kashmiri Saffron, Keynote Kashmiri Saffron, Noor Saffron, Kashmir Online Store Saffron are the few best saffron brands in India recommended for pregnancy.   

Saffron is a very much recommended spice during the second trimester of Pregnancy. It gives a fair complexion to the unborn, gives a radiant look to the expecting mother and provides many health benefits.

It known to reduce mood swings, treat depression, Increase calcium levels, reduces hypertension, cure hyperglycemia and induce muscle contractions. Furthermore, it increases the digestive properties and soothe menstrual cramps. Also it is known to treat anemia.





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Best Saffron Brand In Iran


Zaran Saffron, Golden Saffron, Zaffrus Saffron, Mehr Saffron are the Best Saffron Brands In Iran. You can find them online as well. Each belong to a different saffron variety. The Color of Iranian Saffron is maroonish-red. Threads are a little smaller and thinner than that of the Kashmiri Saffron. Taste is a bit mild comparatively as well. Iranian Saffron is cheaper than Kashmiri Saffron and can be found in the Indian Markets as well.


Best Saffron Brand In Sri Lanka


We at Kashmir Online Store bring Saffron to you even if you are across oceans. We deliver Saffron to Sri Lanka as well. Sri Lanka doesn’t witness any Saffron Cultivation in its state. So it majorly imports its products from India. Apart from the Kashmir Online Store’s Kashmiri Saffron, you can purchase Noor Kashmiri Saffron in Sri Lanka. Taj Mahal Saffron, Baidee Saffron Also find their name in the markets of Sri Lanka when it comes to the Best Saffron Brands in Their.