• High Quality Himalayan Original Shilajit


    Shilajit Tests For Purity:

    • Pure Shilajit gives golden or reddish color when dissolved in water or milk. 
    • Shilajit is sticky when held in hands. Refrigeration gives a very hard form just like glass and if hammered it shatters like a glass too. Pure Shilajit doesn’t form lumps. 


    Shilajit From Kashmir Online store has 4 Packs

    • 20 Gram Shilajit
    • 40 Gram Shilajit
    • 100 Gram Shilajit

    High Quality Himalayan Original Shilajit


Get Original and Pure quality Shilajit From the mountains Of Ladakh jammu and Kashmir.Get 20 grams,40 Gram and 100 gram Special pack of Shilajit

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