Best Time To Eat Dry Fruits To Gain Weight

Dry fruits are relatively high in calories and sugar. Common dry fruits contain 38–66% sugar and eating too much of them may contribute to weight gain and various health problems. In order to balance and maintain the normal body weight, one must limit the intake to 20 grams.

However, more than 20 grams can definitely trigger weight changes in the body. An example can be quotes about dates, which are high in iron and dietary fiber but eating a lot of them can lead to weight gain and most of their composition comes from sugar. Cashew nuts are also responsible for weight gain as they are High in proteins and fibers.


Also, high-calorie density when combined with the high amount of dietary fibers makes cashew nuts effective in weight management. Peanuts are full of fat content and hence effective in gaining weight instantly.

However, the best thing is that they contain saturated fat and do not include Trans Fat or cholesterol which can harm the body. It is also rich in proteins which makes it easily digestible and offers good energy to the body and a good amount of dietary fibers ensures good digestive health.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits During Pregnancy


Dry fruits and nuts are a great source of nutrition during pregnancy. Be that the first and second trimester or even the third. Dry fruits are a must-include in an expectant woman’s diet as they are loaded with different kinds of nutrients and the body will need additional vitamins, minerals, and other essential elements to support the healthy growth of the fetus.

They can also quench hunger easily which can prove helpful during pregnancy. But, caution needs to be exercised while consuming dry fruits and nuts during pregnancy as too much of them can lead to various complications.

Dried fruits also help in regulating digestive processes which cause severe problems during pregnancy by preventing bowls from becoming slow as the fetus develops. However certain health experts suggest the particular timing of consumption of dry fruits and nuts during pregnancy.


It is found that when soaked overnight and consumed in the morning, dry fruits could be more beneficial for both mother and fetus provided that the quantity is limited and causes no harm to either of the lives.

Moreover if consumed during the first trimester, these can help in easing morning sickness, which is very common during pregnancy.

Dried apples, dried figs, pistachios, raisins, almonds, dates, and cashews are some of the recommended nuts during these months.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes that all diseases come from the stomach, and human health depends not only on what type of food one eats but also on the ability of our body to digest and absorb these foods. Dry fruits such as raisins, figs, apricots, prunes, dates are also a good option but are only recommended for breakfast and during the cold season, according to Ayurveda.

They can be eaten in combination with nuts and seeds, but not with fresh fruit. These dry fruits can be consumed if they are soaked. Beneficial fruits are baked apples, prunes, and raisins, apricots (soaked), mature bananas, avocados, cherries, coconuts, figs, dates, grapefruit, kiwi, tamarind.

If one is a Vata dominant individual or have a Vata imbalance then dry fruits should be avoided, unless it is soaked and re-hydrated. When taken in excess, Vata creates dryness, constipation, fear, anxiety, and insecurity. When Vata dosha is in balance, it expresses mobility and flexibility.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits According to Ayurveda

Avoid carbonation (air bubbles), dry foods like dry fruit, granola, crackers, popcorn, chips, and an excess of rough, raw foods like salads (also drying). Choose foods with some moisture like juicy fresh fruit, soups and stews, and cooked root vegetables.

Rehydrate dry fruits and vegetables by soaking them in water or even oil overnight.Dry fruits and other dry foods may be easy for Pitta to digest. If digestion is not a problem, Pittas should consider tastes to avoid and tastes to favor which may affect Pitta dosha.

If one is a Pitta dominant individual, he/she must avoid the sour taste or use in limited quantity. Apples, apricots, bananas, berries, cherries, and green fruits may be very sour.

Prefer Sweet and Bitter Foods.

Kapha dosha is sweet in itself. It is the earth and water elements in the body and mind and is stable, structured, dense, and liquid.

Kapha dosha can enjoy dry fruits like cranberries, figs, prunes, and raisins. Kaphas should avoid sweet fruits and moist, watery, heavy fruits like bananas, avocados, or coconuts.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits and Nuts for Weight Loss

Apart from weight gain factors, nuts can majorly help in weight loss also and this can be more effective by taking them in the morning. Consuming nuts along with breakfast can help ward off fatigue and smoothly regulate blood pressure. They can be eaten to increase energy at pre-lunch snacks and post-lunch evening snacks to keep the stomach filled.

Almonds have very low amounts of calories. 100 grams of almonds contains only 576 kcals of energy and eating small amounts of almonds on a daily basis can provide the body with high levels of nutrients that are beneficial for overall health and maintenance. These nutrients are proteins, mono-saturated fats, and antioxidants.

Also, almonds improve health by lowering bad cholesterol, which tends to be high in people who are obese or overweight. People who like to snack frequently can benefit the most from eating pistachios or pistas.

That is mainly because they have very high amounts of fiber, which helps your body feel full for a longer period of time. Also, fiber is good for digestion as it aids with bowel movement and keeps regulating it.


Likewise, Brazil nuts have many properties that help in weight loss. They contain an essential amino acid known as L-arginine which is very good for burning excessive fat. It increases body metabolism and prevents the accumulation of unhealthy fat.

Brazil nuts have high amounts of minerals such as selenium, thiamine, phosphorus, and magnesium which are all very good for the body to lose weight.An important category of dry fruits includes prunes. Prunes are commonly called dried plums.

They have dietary fiber content that promotes peristaltic movements in the intestines. As a result, waste and toxins get released from your body quite quickly and that helps in losing weight. Also, 100 grams of prunes contains only 240 kcal, making this a good snack for people who need to control their daily calorie intake and lose weight.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits for Bodybuilding

Dry fruits are the ideal mix of proteins, fats, and fiber enabling to get the additional calories that the body requires. They play a vital role in muscle building because of their high nutritional value and richness of monosaturated fats. Also because they’re rich sources of anti-oxidants and thus lead to decreased oxidative damage in the body.

Dry fruits that are healthy snacks for muscle gain are oranges, figs, mulberries, and cranberries. While selecting dry fruits and nuts sometimes an artificial sweetener may be added to bitter fruits, such as cranberries. So we try to find the ones that are sweetened with natural fruit juice to get the perfect bodybuilding snack.

According to medical experts, one shouldn’t take heavy meals prior to workout and exercise, but rather just a snack or mini-meal, enough to keep dizziness, nausea, and lethargy at the bay. So, it’s suggested that a serving of some dry fruits combined with nuts and yogurt is an ideal pre-workout meal.

Due to the high content of healthy monounsaturated fats, nuts are extremely calorie-dense. This makes it relatively easy to eat a large number of calories from a relatively small serving, making them a good option if one is struggling to consume ample calories for growth and bodybuilding.

Almonds are plant-based food absolutely packed full of protein. Just a quarter of a cup of almonds contains nearly 8 grams of protein – that’s nearly two grams of protein more than a typical egg! Almonds are also an amazing source of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and magnesium.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits for Bodybuilding

Magnesium is an abundant mineral that is used in more than 300 biochemical reactions in the human body and is specifically known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Likewise, raisins are packed full of energy, boosting not just energy and stamina, raisins are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It helps to build and workout for a better longer period of time.

Raisins are high in sugar and calories but also beneficial to our health when eaten in moderation. In fact, raisins can aid digestion, boost iron levels, and keep your bones strong provided they’re eaten in moderation and don’t go overboard.

They help in controlling body blood sugar levels and beat cravings and all this helps in supporting your weight loss goals. Raisins can be considered “gems” because of their excellent nutritional value and health benefits.

They are a healthy alternative to day-to-day unhealthy snacks! One must regularly consume raisins to maintain regular bowel movements during the digestive process. The fibers in raisins sweep away the toxins and waste materials from the gastrointestinal tract and keep the body fit.

Best Time to Eat Dry Fruits in Winter

Winter brings many calamities in its trail. Apart from the dipping mercury and the dryness in the atmosphere ruining one’s skin and overall health; it is also the overeating season,  that too all the unhealthiest foodstuffs which raise blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body.

The worst aspect is that one becomes especially susceptible to all kinds of communicable diseases. The solution is simple i.e, add dry fruits and nuts to your daily diet. Dry fruits are helpful in dealing with a range of winter-related problems such as cold and flu.

Dried fruits and nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews naturally raise the heat in the human body. More heat is produced within the internal system which keeps the body warm naturally.

One needs to be careful about how much heat is let in though, as too much heat can also cause problems in the body. Instead of consuming normal milk, consider drinking almond milk in winters. Almond milk is tasty as well as healthy and gives the body the right amount of energy that it needs to function.


Dry fruits contain more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and nutrition as compared to any other fresh fruit and hence if made a part of the winter diet, can do wonders for the body.

Almonds are found in very high quantities of vitamin B2 and vitamin E and protein, magnesium, phosphorus, and manganese. Almond gives comfort in cough and cold during the winter season. It also helps in fighting different infections of the human body due to its antimicrobial properties.

Eat Soaked Dry Fruits / Best Time and Way to Eat Dry Fruits

The advantage of dry fruits and nuts is that one can have them anytime, but in order to gain the maximum benefits from these foods, one must eat them early in the morning or more appropriately when they’ve been soaked overnight.

Consuming dry fruits and nuts along with breakfast can help one ward off fatigue and smoothly regulate blood pressure and heart rate in the body. They play a major role in removing cholesterol from the body. In the morning, Almonds can provide positive effects on one’s health. Being rich in many nutrients these are deemed as the perfect nuts to start the day with.

How to Eat Soaked Dry Fruits

In the evening, Pistachios, Cashew, and Pine Nuts. They can help boost immunity and stamina after a long day at work. These could also be a great snacking option.

At night, Walnuts, Prunes, and Dates. They are high in soluble fiber and can significantly help with problems related to digestion and constipation. Consuming them at night will ensure that one doesn’t feel bloated or constipated the next day. If dry fruits and nuts are eaten excessively, it may damage health leading to several health problems and this even depends on avoiding night consumption as it is not the best time to eat dry fruits and nuts.