Side Effect Of Junk Food
In the fast-growing world of today, men and women both work. It gets very hard for a working lady or a mother to prepare lunch for her family. What people prefer nowadays is to dine from Canteens or restaurants. Very few understand the concept of tiffin services in India and if you are someone from the west, then this concept doesn’t exist at all.  
Furthermore, the growing food delivery services have caused the availability of fast food even more. In the recent past, there was an upward trend in higher secondary students consuming junk. Since they are new in adulthood, they feel it easier to grab a packet of chips, fries and cold drink to have their hunger satiated. 
Impact Of Junk Food On Mental Health

Actually, any food that is high in calories and low in its nutritional value counts in the category of Junk. It is wise to consume every ingredient in a balanced proportion. We know nothing about the oil used in potato chips, or maybe biryani or anything that strikes your mind. Nowadays doctors suggest minimizing oil consumption keeping the cardiovascular health of every person on this earth under consideration.

Everyone looks for something that is a beneficial swap. There are many things associated with overall mental health when a child consumes any sort of Junk Food. Not only has this been noticed that Junk food slows down being active both physically and mentally, but it is also seen that junk makes a person lazy and hard at thinking.
Junk Food causes psychiatric distress, leading to being more worrisome, confused, depressed, insomniac, aggressive and with increased anxiety.  
But now since the onset of Covid-19, one thing that has been positive in this part of the world is the changing trend. People no more prefer readily available food. Either they prefer homemade delicacies or the trend has switched towards Dry Fruits now. 

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Dry Fruits may feel a little old school, but they are tremendously tasty and have many health benefits. Dry fruits as everyone knows are sun-dried, so there is a very high chance of any microbe present getting killed.
Dry Fruits as a snack counter every damage that is caused by Junk food. Starting with the so-called “loss of memory” that everybody faces today. Name any Nut and I assure you that it aids in repairing memories.

Almonds and Walnuts are long known to treat forgetfulness. These nuts are known to increase thinking capabilities and enhance the power of the brain in general. Let us just say these foods keep a person saner. And I won’t be wrong to claim that even. 

Junk Food Vs Dry Fruits

People who consume more Dry fruits and Nuts are less stressed. Thanks to the adequate antioxidants that do wonders. Inflammation in the Brain is one of the causes leading to depression, guess what, Nuts reduce inflammation as well. Oleic Acids present in many dried fruits increase brain power. Many Dry fruits help fight mood swings. 

If we talk about Almonds only, you might have heard about them from your grandparents or parents that they make the brain sharper.

Almonds are known to cure Alzheimer’s and in fact aid in fighting many cognitive health issues. They boost the intellectual capabilities and keep the mental alertness sound. Mental Alertness being sound is beneficial in numerous ways. If I have to sum it up all in one term I will say being mentally alert means a well-coordinated Human Systems, whether it is being able to stand properly, whether it may be knowing the urge of urination, whether it may be seeing or hearing things- Thus everything. 
Almonds cure mood swings: It is common for pregnant ladies to feel like crying, then suddenly happy, then again depressed, and this goes on. If you may have noticed she is advised to take saffron and nuts in Green tea. What can be the reason? Well, now you know.