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Pine Nuts Without Shell (Chilgoza)
Pine Nuts Without Shell (Chilgoza)
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pine nuts with shell
Pine Nuts With Shell (Chilgoza)
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Premium Pine Nut Kernels (Chilgoza):

Pine Nuts are a type of nuts that are made from the seeds of a tree in the chilgoza (or palm) family. The flavour and texture are similar to pineapples, and they are used as a fruit or for sweetening drinks. Pine nuts are a type of nut that is especially rich in fiber and healthy oil. The word"Chilgoza" means "to heat up. Pine Nuts are small, fresh-tasting nuts that are especially beneficial in maintaining digestive health, and they help to clean and digest the food we eat.
The Pine Nuts are a type of nuts that are naturally sweet, and they have a firm texture and a toasted flavour. When seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic, the pine nuts can be used with strong spices such as cumin or paprika to add an extra zing, making them even more delicious. Shop Pine Nuts online from our store at the best prices with free shipping and cash on delivery available all over India.
The shells are taken from the Pine Nuts and put into water to drink as an expectorant; this is also a means of satisfying the stomach. As an expectorant, it helps to reduce contractions in the stomach and intestines, which often lead to hospitals being used as re-openings for cancer patients.

Top Six Benefits Of Pine Nuts :

  • Pine nuts are a good source of lignans (PHytoestrogens), which can help reduce the risk for breast cancer in women who eat them often or continue to consume them after starting /eating healthy foods.
  • Pine Nuts help in reducing inflammation and overweight/ obesity and provide other essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Pine Nuts are a good source of antioxidants that can protect your skin from the adverse effects of age spots, rosacea, and more.
  • Pine nuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. These nutrients can help improve blood flow, reduce stress, and protect your heart health.
  • Pine nuts also enhance nerve growth and regeneration, which is beneficial for people with neurological conditions or who are trying to develop a stronger mind.
  • Pine nuts can help regulate blood sugar levels reduce risk factors for diabetes. Pine nuts provide many nutrients that are helpful in shortening the overall life expectancy of people with cancer or other chronic illnesses.

Types Of Pine Nut Kernels That We Have:

  • Pine Nuts Without Shell (Chilgoza).
  • Pine Nuts With Shell (Chilgoza).

Benefits Of Pine Nuts During Pregnancy:

There are many benefits of using Pine Nuts for women who are pregnant. The pine nuts provide structure and stability during labor, which helps to ensure that the baby is born healthy and safe. The Pine Nuts product is believed to provide conjugal satisfaction in later years. As such, pine nuts are beneficial for both men and women.
Pine nuts during pregnancy help to keep the baby developing and strong. They also provide comfort to the pregnant woman and her children. Pine nuts can improve the mother's emotional as well as physical health. Pine nuts can contribute to the development of the baby's brain as well as his or her physical growth.

FAQs :

Why pine nuts are soo expensive?
The first reason is that there is a large production capacity for pine nuts, and it takes quite a lot of land to produce just one cup of pine nuts. They are expensive because there is a large amount of sugar and salt that has to be removed before they are usable.
How to store Pine Nuts?
One way is to keep them in an airtight container with a tight lid, and the other is to bake them before you eat them.
Are there any risks associated with eating high-quality pine nuts?
A few risks are associated with eating pine nuts, but they vary depending on the person. Pine nuts can cause anxiety, depression and indigestion.
Are pine nuts a good source of protein?
Yes, pine nuts are a good source of protein.
How much quantity of pine nuts a person can eat daily?