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Our Story and Startup

Kashmir Online Store is online initiative from a Local Boy from Kashmir which Is actually Based From Saffron Town(Pampore) .Kashmir Online Store Motive is To Have full market place of Kashmir where anyone can buy products Directly From Kashmir In Raw and Original Way as they being manufactured. Further  Speaking ,the Goal of Kashmir Online Store Is To provide Top Class and Original Products all Over the India.

The  Reason For  Developing Kashmir Online store is Just To Provide Hassle Free Pure Quality Products With Good  Service towards customers which are in need of kashmiri Products Like Saffron,Shilajit, Dry Fruits Like Walnuts, almonds, figs.. and other famous Kashmiri Products. Moreover, anyone can check try and test the quality of Products. Futhermore,the reason of Making and Developing Kashmir Online Store is to Provide Door To Door Services  to Customers which are Actually Searching for Pure,Organic  and Original Kashmiri products.

So Far Our Customers are Feeling Good and a Lot of Work has to be Done towards our improvement so we are working day and Night to Provide quality Service. This is tough but not impossible. Let us join Hands In Order to make it Successful kashmiri based online shopping portal by which You can buy Products on the basis of originality, purity and quality.

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