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We have had enough of beautifying stuff that dominates the market. Beautiful skin, hair beauty blah blah is just what the world is obsessed with. One can not just overlook the health, no. Where each natural foodstuff serves us in numerous ways, let us have a look at:

Cranberries And its Health Benefits.

Exhibiting as different Species, Cranberries are obtained from the evergreen shrubs that are dwarf in nature. Found in the cooler regions of the northern hemisphere this berry is sweet in taste, yet, acidic. Weird No?

Nowadays, the world prefers stuff that is durable. Sturdy, so as it may be used in the future or maybe consumed slowly. What is done to use Cranberries like that? Like what happens to other things. Processed, Of Course.

Cranberries And Its Health Benefits  Processed Cranberry Products:

Marked as a sign of Thanksgiving in the Western world, these round red berries are processed for making Jams, Juices, Sauces. In Fact, in Places’ like Kashmir, Cranberries are dried- maybe sweetened and used just as raisins are. It is served to the Grooms’ procession along with nuts, figs, apricots, and juices too.

So definitely, in the Commercial perspective, the market demands Processed dried Cranberries here.

Humans are greedy and full of Haste. We want to acquire everything, without paying the cost.

Now if we want to gain something we definitely need to pay for it. However, what depends on us, if taken in terms of health, is whether we want to spend on prescription bills or the grub that will shield us against all sorts of health mishappenings. As they say, to stay healthy we need to eat healthily.

The Benefits of Cranberries:

Benefits Of cranberry

Whatever may be the way you are consuming an eatable if it is not fried or processed the benefits served are the same mostly. On that note, we shall find out the Nutritional and other benefits of Cranberries.

Nutritional Profile Of Cranberries:

One serving of Cranberries 45 calories, 12 g of carbohydrates, 4 grams of dietary fiber, 8 grams of sugar less than 1 g of proteins, less than 2 % of the daily required value of Vitamin A, Calcium and Iron and around 20% of the Vitamin C.

cranberry juice benefits

However, the nutrient profile gets changed when the snack is dried and thus those Dried Cranberries provide 123 kcal, with Fat equal to 0.6 g, Sodium equal to 1 mg, Total Carbs of amount 24 g, Dietary Fiber equal to 2 g and Sugars equal to 22 g. Also, no cholesterol, saturated fats and trans fats are present in the dried Cranberries. Furthermore, 5 % of the daily required amount of manganese will be supplied by a handful of these berries.

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Perks Provided:

  • Culinary Uses: Although 95% of the Cranberries harvested are processed to obtain juices, jams etc. Yet, the rest may be used in salads- as a topping or in Cakes too. I have already mentioned how Graciously Kashmiri’s make use of this snack when dried. However, apart from that purpose, it is used in tarts, pancakes, muffins, in fact in ice creams too.
  • Researchers say that Cranberries stop certain bacteria that cause infections to the urinary tracts. Thus preventing the infections. This happens because of the presence of antioxidant
  • This antioxidant proanthocyanidin is also known to affect the immune system, by strengthening it.cranberry juice benefits kidney
  • Apart from the above-specified benefits, Polyphenols and Proanthocyanidins are known to strengthen the cardiovascular system, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Their anti-inflammatory action helps in reducing the blood pressure levels. Also, prevention against the hardening of artery walls is also guaranteed.
  • The anti-inflammatory action of proanthocyanidins also helps in treating arthritis.
  • Cranberries, if not sugared help to stabilise the blood sugar levels. Hard to digest no?
  • Polyphenols in Cranberries have an anti-carcinogenic effect as they slow the progression of a tumour. Be it anywhere, whether on/in prostate, liver, breast, ovaries or colon cranberries do a positive effect.
  • Proanthocyanidins apart from blessing with the above all benefits, they are known to help to obtain better Oral health and Preventing against Gum Diseases.

When we talk about life and things around us, we realize each object in this world has its benefits as well as side effects.

Now Moving Forward To Look At:

Side Effects Of Cranberries:

  • If Cranberries are consumed out of bounds, more oxalates are exerted in urine. This will certainly promote Kidney stones.
  • Overeating may also result in stomach bloating, upset stomach, abdominal pain and even diarrhea.
  • Cranberries should be avoided if you are on blood thinning medications.
    cranberry juice benefits sexually

Benefits Of Cranberries Consumption For Men:

Due to enlarged prostrate men may experience frequent, urgent and urgent urination. Some also experience weak urinary stream, frequent urination at night and dribbling. These symptoms are experienced by men with prostatitis.

cranberry benefits For Men

Ingesting cranberries in any way help you in treating any prostate problem. Consult your doctor, and trying relying on this one.

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Benefits Of Cranberries On Skin:

  • In today’s world, you need to be the master of all trades. Although, healthy comes above all, but why to ignore beauty when it comes handy?
  • Cranberries help in the detoxification process that promises you a glowing skin. Moreover, collagen present in cranberries makes the skin soft.
  • Also, Cranberry juice serves with anti-ageing properties, giving us a youthful and wrinkle-free look.
cranberry benefits For Skin
  • If you have acne and blemishes, apply cranberry extract directly there and wait for the results.
  • If you have hyperpigmented skin, make a pack of flour and cranberries and massage it over the face for 15 mins approx. Don’t forget to give feedback.
  • The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect of cranberries helps to prevent scalp irritation in applied in hair(massage up till the scalp with egg).

Benefits of Consuming Cranberry Juice:

If you have ever tried non-allopathic medications, you might be knowing that it causes increased body heat. There at that point of the time, the doctor suggests you have Cranberry juice. Of course, it is beneficial. In Fact, I have tried it myself and sharing with you all I tell you it works and you can feel the changes in the first very day. The juice benefits us in more ways other than what is specified in other sections, like:

cranberry juice benefits
  • Fights age-related body tissue Damage, which involves fighting against free radicals thus helping to keep away Cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, improvising digestive health and urinary tract health.
  • Useful to prevent microbial infections which also involves prevention against food-borne diseases.
  • Reducing cholesterol levels that reduce help in maintaining blood pressure levels, supporting good cardiovascular health and also Post-menopausal health in women.
  • Aids in Weight loss
  • Protects against scurvy.
  • Helps in making bones and teeth stronger.
  • Preventing against cold and flu. In case, one may already be a sufferer cranberry juice helps in recovery.
  • Helps in the treatment of Lung Inflammation

Note: So before you rush up to your market place, Go to a physician and check whether cranberries are Safer to be consumed by you. Try making juices at home by blending the berry and adding whatever you want. If you have trust issues ( which mostly are genuine) from purchasing these dried fruits from the market, get the fresh drupe from the market and dried it under the sun.

Else try us once and I promise you won’t regret that ever.

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