Mountain Kashmiri Garlic: Original Kashmiri Garlic| Kashmir Lehsun| No Additives| 100% Natural Kashmiri Garlic

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Bulbous Appearance: Kashmiri garlic has a firm, golden-brown shell and resembles a single clove of garlic. It has a spherical, bulbous form with a stiff, flattened section on one side that comes to a point at the clove's tail end. The petite, lone cloves range in size from 1.5 to 4 cm.


Lower The Blood Pressure: Studies suggest that garlic boosts the body's nitric oxide production, which lets the muscles relax and the blood vessels widen. These changes can eventually lessen hypertension and blood pressure.


Get Rid of Cold & Cough: Garlic could also be used to cure a cold. Garlic includes molecules and antioxidants that produce antibodies and help the body tackle diseases. When these molecules come into contact with a virus, such as the one that causes a cold and cough, it acts as a shield against them.


Helps In Fighting Cancer: Garlic's antimicrobial capabilities, as well as its capacity to improve DNA repair, reduce cell proliferation, and reduce the development of carcinogenic chemicals in the body, may assist to prevent cancer.

Consuming Process: On an empty stomach every day. Chop 2-3 beans of Kashmiri garlic & eat them on an empty stomach, or as prescribed by your doctor.


Mountain Garlic:

Snow Mountain Garlic is a subspecies of the Condiment grown in the mighty mountains of Kashmir. Locally in India, it is known as Kashmiri Lashun or Himalayan Lahsun. It is smaller than the regular Garlic available in the market widely. Kashmiri Lahsun or Mountain Garlic provides tremendous benefits and is highly recommendable by Ayurveda. Furthermore, recent studies have confirmed them being more powerful and effective than regular Garlic. 

Mountain Garlic is known to be the remedy for asthma, Diabetes, and even Lung-Cancer.

Garlic, in general, is known to have antimicrobial properties, including antiviral properties. This makes it a to be included ingredient during diseases like fever, cold, cough, etc. 

Kashmiri Lahsun is rich in minerals like Copper, Selenium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Calcium, and Vitamins like C, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, etc.

Each of these constituents benefits in their way. 

  • Acting as healthy heart aid.
  • Treating hypertension
  • Anti-cancer 
  • Treating hyperglycemia
  • Curing a cold, flu, and fevers
  • Boosting immunity
  • Maintaining healthy liver
  • Helping in curing brain tumors etc.

How to identify Kashmiri Garlic:

  Kashmiri Garlic has a completely different appearance than other varieties. It is evident from the appearance that there is a single clove in a bulb. The covering has a golden-yellow hue with its shapes like that of a chestnut. These are small, and each clove measures a maximum of 4 cm in diameter. The outer layers get harder in winters and form a protective sheath. Insides is a snow-white garlic clove. 

 Kashmiri Garlic is known to have seven times more health effects than that commercial Garlic. It is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antibacterial properties. Kashmiri garlic is called Ek pothi lahsun in Hindi and mostly eaten raw after mincing it to pieces, followed by drinking cold water. 

Kashmiri Garlic is also known to increase blood circulation, raise oxygen levels, increase oxygen capacity. 

Why purchase Kashmiri Garlic from us:

Kashmir Online Store is a pampore based shopping portal that connects you to the farmers directly. Our men collect pothi lahsun from the hills and store them in a clean manner in airtight packs. 

After harvesting the cloves from the soil, it is cleaned but not using water or any other liquid. 

Our garlic helps shield liver against toxins. A tired liver gets rejuvenated and its healthy functioning is promoted.

Kashmiri Garlic has dermatological benefits as well. People who have a receding hairline rub raw garlic on their scalp to increase hair growth. Furthermore, it is known to treat acne and clear boil scars. We deliver to any destination and provide genuine pricing for everything.

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Mountain Kashmiri Garlic: Original Kashmiri Garlic| Kashmir Lehsun| No Additives| 100% Natural Kashmiri Garlic

300.00499.00 (-40%)

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