• High Quality Himalayan Original Shilajit


    Shilajit Tests For Purity:

    • Pure Shilajit gives golden or reddish color when dissolved in water or milk. 
    • Shilajit is sticky when held in hands. Refrigeration gives a very hard form just like glass and if hammered it shatters like a glass too. Pure Shilajit doesn’t form lumps. 


    • 20 Gram Shilajit
    • 40 Gram Shilajit
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    High Quality Himalayan Original Shilajit


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What is Original Shilajit and Why Is So Demanding?

Original shilajit is a mineral pitch that oozes from layers of rocks in the mountain range. It’s considered to be a panacea for many diseases and is also used as an aphrodisiac.

Original shilajit acts as a rejuvenator and can be very helpful in restoring physical vitality. Original Shilajit It increases the power of mind, memory, and thought process and has been shown to have anti-aging properties

Shilajit is a black-colored mineral that Comes in yellow and gold colors. Shilajit has a bitter taste Original Shilajit contains at least 85 nutrients and trace minerals. Original Shilajit is used as an adaptogen. Shilajit can be taken safely by both men and women

It is not mined but drilled out of the rocks. Original Shilajit comes from between 3 feet and 6 inches to about 2 feet under the surface of the earth. The exact depth depends on how rich it is in fulvic acid. Original Shilajit from India has been shown to have a high fulvic acid content.

What Is shilajit Used For?

Increases energy levels – enhances cellular metabolism which induces a feeling of well-being by increasing oxygen supply to cells and tissues resulting in more energy.

Shilajit Usually Helps stave off mental decline related. Increases libido, fights depression. Shilajit helps the immune system, increases fertility in men and women.

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Original Shilajit

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