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Saffron Consumption During Pregnancy:

For The First Time Kashmir Online Store Has Come Up with Special Full Pack for Pregnant Ladies.It’s The Available in Anywhere in the market Other Than On Our Store.

This autumn-flowering plant known as the yellow-gold is the most costly of all spices. Saffron having tremendous benefits is looked forward to its medicinal benefits. Despite all other interests it serves, Saffron during Pregnancy is considered comfort giving to a large extent solving a number of pregnancy-related issues.

Benefits of Consuming Saffron by Pregnant women:

Saffron During pregnancy Saffron During pregnancy

Of course, it is the most recommended spice to be consumed by a lady expecting a child.

In olden days, Indian mothers, too obsessed with the skin color, used to give their daughters or daughters-in-law the saffron milk, with the belief that the newborn will the fair complexion. Other than the pregnant women, Saffron can be consumed by anyone for the welfare it serves. Restricting our article and focussing on what benefits can it provide, to those who are pregnant.

  • Due to the changes in hormones, the majority of women suffer from mood swings. Most of the times, these to be mothers are depressed- about nothing. Ununderstandable stress occupies their brains and there they are, instigating several health issues including complexities. Saffron has anti-depressant properties curing anxiety, depression and stress, and letting them experience this beautiful phase of their lives in a pleasant way.
  • Women suffer from many skin ailments during pregnancy, losing the glow from their face. One can apply saffron creating a face pack for getting that glow back.
  • As mentioned, Pregnant women suffer from hormonal imbalance, this causes the process of digestion to slow down. Many women feel nausea and some even vomit everything they eat. Morning sickness is witnessed too. All this is simply cured by consuming a few strands of Saffron.
  • As is obvious, a pregnant woman needs extra care as it is not just her life but the growing baby’s too- more nutrition is required. Yet, one suffers from the loss of appetite which can lead the baby to suffer from malnutrition. Saffron boosts the appetite, helping to set a healthy growth in the child.
  • Pregnant women have a way too high blood pressure levels. Consuming Saffron helps to keep hypertension in check.  
  • Whether the menstrual cramps or the ones that are encountered during pregnancy are very unbearable- however, the intensity varies. The cramps experienced while giving birth are of great intensity. It is said this is the most painful event that can happen to a living following the pain of being burnt alive. Saffron consumed during this period will soothe these cramps too.
  • Saffron milk during pregnancy is known to let women improvise their sleep when consumed before bed. This gives them a little relief.
  • Saffron is known to have a good content of iron within it. Maintaining good levels of hemoglobin is a must. Thus Ladies must intake saffron for this reason too.

The other benefits of Saffron for a child expecting women are that saffron consumption increases the baby movements, hair fall is stopped which happens because of the hormonal imbalance created. This spice also benefits us by dealing with the liver and kidney problems. Kesar also improvises vision- keeping eyes health. Saffron is known to have anti-spasmodic actions, this helps in preventing stomach aches.


What amount of Saffron should be consumed in pregnancy and in which month can one include in her diet?

One can start taking saffron from/in the second trimester of her pregnancy. There are women who suffer from hypotension issues. Those women should keep in mind not to consume excessive doses of saffron. Consuming more than 10 grams of saffron a day can result in serious issues like nausea, diarrhea, uterine contractions, miscarriage, even hemorrhage too.

Therefore, one must always consult a doctor in this regard- so as to add saffron under experts’ recommendations.


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