Best Saffron brands in India

best saffron in india

Two Best Brands which Sells Top Quality Saffron In India

best Saffron Brands In indiaFor periods, a rich purple flower has grown in the Kashmir valleys, fields of Spain, & the Mediterranean like shrublands of the world. It’s delicate, tender like threads. This is the highly priced substances traded by humankind. Long priced by the Elite and revered as a flavor in food,Kashmiri  saffron is the king of spice with its rich aroma inspired people to create innovative products which own its distinct natural properties to advance beauty.

After researching those ancient teachings with an eye towards today’s science, they discovered that saffron is rich in vitamins B2, B3, and B6, which enhance hair and skin health. Teams of Beauty innovators spent years harnessing saffron’s properties and then they reached an industry breakthrough. Pairing the exclusively grown 100% organic saffron, with the most advanced research and technology, they had unlocked the mysteries of saffron.

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Best Saffron brand in India that are of high quality and most frequently available are:

  • Kashmir Online Store Saffron Brand
  • Bharat Kesar Company Saffron Brand


  1. Kashmir Online Store Saffron Brand
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Kashmir Online Store Has Its Own saffron is the fine most quality of the Kashmir saffron. It is obtained from Especially From  Kashmir’s farms, categorized & packed in a sealed container. It is the good addition to our bedtime hot milk as it calms imbalances that might keep us awake. kashmir online store Saffron Brand comes from the stamens of the saffron’s flower, that is a type of crocus that grows in the Mideast. It comes under Best Saffron brand in India.

  • Saffron helps in various situations like Diabetes, Cold, Depression, Digestion Problems, Cell Formation, Cell Repair, Heart Disease, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Health, Mental Health.
  • Extracts of Saffron gives scent to perfumes and uses as the dye for clothes.
  • Saffron is used as the spice, yellow food coloring, and as the seasoning agent.

Kashmir Online Store is Best Known for Its Kashmir ‘Mongra’ Saffron is the Best Saffron brand in India and the most powerful variety of saffron around the world. Kashmir Saffron is the rarest form of the Saffron. Annual production of India Kashmir saffron is limited to 2000-3000kg, which is less than 1% of the total production. For the production of 1kg Kashmir saffron, about 172,000 flowers had to be reaped by hand.

Dark red tips/ heads of stigmas (ideally the first 17 millimeters) are separated and dried quickly upon extraction. These dark red stigmas tips/heads are the most potent parts of the ‘Crocus sativus’ flower. The higher concentration of these dark stigmas indicates higher coloring strength.

The most ideal way to use and get  Kashmiri  Pure Quality Saffron. This helps in capturing its inimitable color, aroma, and flavor in an infusion which is easy to use in any preparation.

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  1. Bharat Kesar Company

saffron buy online indiaThe oldest brand of saffron in India. Company headquarter is located in Jammu and Kashmir. It was first established in 1999. Bharat saffron comes in the 1 Gram pack to 50g pack. Saffron holds an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and a neuroprotective agent that provides protection of photoreceptors support of the blood sugar balance, and protection against protein clumping that gives rise to cataracts.

Consistent intake of saffron might help to boost our overall immunity. Saffron contains high levels of the “Ascorbic Acid”, this will accelerate the production of WBC’s by our immune system. It can help to fight off unwanted diseases and toxins. It helps with tissue productions, muscle growth, collagen production & can even help repair our blood vessels. The major part of Baby brand saffron comes in deep red color but the tail comes in yellow color. It holds an extremely rich quantity of manganese.


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