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Things To know While Buy Saffron Online in India:

Termed as the yellow gold the King of Spices-Saffron is obtained from the flower of Crocus Sativus. Did you know that it is commonly referred to as Saffron CrocusWhat makes it the world’s costliest spice? What is that aroma it holds? What infuses the color in that edible you used it in? What to look for while purchasing Kesar? Let us take a Glance over all the questions specified above.

Saffron in India:  

Saffron During pregnancy

A Lot many things have been obtained from Iran when the Muslim Saint Ameer e Kabir Mir Sayed Ali Hamadani came to Kashmir. We are not talking about one or two things, it is that the whole Kashmiri Tradition that was developed actually just because of his voyage.

The largest Saffron producers did spread its cultivar to Kashmir making it the only Place in Subcontinent to support the Kesar Growth and the 3rd in the world in producing Zafran.

You might be eager to know what supports the growth of Saffron in Kashmir.  In point of fact, Saffron is grown in a sub-tropical climate where the soil is well drained with a pH ranging from 6-8 being loamy to gravelly and sandy. Moreover, climatic conditions should be such that the summers must be hot and dry with winter temperatures not lower than -15 degrees Celsius.

Shalln’t I tell you where in Kashmir Zafran grows actually?

The growth of this yellow gold is supported by the Karewas located in the town of Pampore. In fact, located at a distance of 15 Km from the city of Srinagar, this city is even named as the Saffron town. 4496 hectares of the land lying under the cultivation of Saffron makes the Valley of Kashmir the highest producer of the spice in the sub-continent. Furthermore, Rajouri-Jammu and Himachal Pradesh support the cultivation but at the commercial level.

The plant flowers in ending October to November and its harvesting is historically seen as a festival in Pampore. From sowing the corms to the reaping of stigmas every action involves the manual labour without the involvement of any machines. 1 kg of Kesar is obtained by collecting 110,000-150,000 Saffron stigmas and then drying it. Plucking these much flowers nearly require 40 hours of labour.

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Answer the question of what makes Kesar the world’s costliest spice and more specifically what makes Kashmiri Kesar so costly.

The involvement of hard human labour from cultivation to the production and even to the packaging of Kesar and the number of flowers it is obtained from are the reasons that set the cost of Zafran so high. In addition to these factors, the climatic changes across the globe that are causing long droughts in Kashmir, the crop failures and the export ban India has set are the reasons for Kashmiri Kesar being even more costly.

Now moving on to the smell Saffron feels like, let me make you aware it is just by the aroma that Saffron feels to be sweet yet whilst tasting it, it certainly is not. Consider it as a test for the originality of the product. Additionally, this zafran tastes bitter. The aroma and taste are because of the compounds Picrocrocin and Safranal. This is what induces the penetrative and distinct odor in the spice.

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Nevertheless, the golden-yellow hue it spills in the food it is put in is extracted from Crocin– a Carotenoid pigment.

Benefits of Kesar:



Benefits in any eatable are there because of the compounds they contain or the other constituents. The basic compounds present in saffron are Crocin, Crocetin, and Safranal. Other than these it also contains Potassium too.

  • Crocin and crocetin compounds present in Zafran is known to have anti-depressant properties. They moreover help in protecting against the brain cell damage, reducing inflammation, assisting in weight loss etc.
  • The taste of Kesar is because of the presence of Safranal. Safranal is known to protect brains against oxidative stress, keeping the mood good, improving memory and bettering the learning ability.
  • Kaempferol found in saffron petals and not the stigma (which is actually called as the saffron) is known to have anticancer properties.
  • Saffron is rich in antioxidants and about antioxidants, it is known that they aid in keeping you young for long, beautifying you each day. Crocin is known for its effect of killing colon cancer growth.
  • Sometimes one feels irritated and annoyed without any reason. Saffron treats this irritability, anxiety even headaches and other pains too.
  • Saffron helps in lowering blood cholesterol and prevent clogging arteries.
  • Saffron is a savour for those suffering from hyperglycemia as it helps in reducing the blood sugar levels.
  • From the old wives kitchen, it has been known to cure whooping cough, cough and even Asthma. It is also known to loosen the phlegm.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Saffron is beneficial to Pregnant women too. Let us see how they are served by this spice.

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Benefits of Saffron for pregnant ladies:

Benefits of Saffron for pregnant ladies:

Pregnant ladies mostly suffer from mood swings. Some are in the continuous state of Nausea while others have blood pressure issues. Saffron benefits all, providing relief from a number of health issues because of Pregnancy.

  • If a lady expecting a Child consumes saffron milk, it is said that the newborn will have a fair complexion.
  • The hormonal change in women results in mood swings, which sometimes cause depression in ladies. This can be cured by saffron as it has anti-depressant properties as mentioned above.
  • Pregnant women develop changes in their skin with freckles and other dark spots all over their face. Applying Saffron Pack on skin help them regain their former glow, vanishing all the marks for their face.
  • Apart from causing depression, hormonal changes in women during pregnancy cause digestive problems too. This is the reason why they feel morning sickness as well as well as why they vomit. The cure is to consume a few strands of Saffron however they want.
  • Saffron helps to regulate blood pressure levels.
  • During the time of labour, a woman is in extreme pain because of cramps, consumption of Saffron eases this pain.
  • Even, if Saffron milk is drunk before going to bed, it induces a night of better sleep.
  • Saffron milk further saves the to-be-mother from anaemia as Saffron has a good iron content.
  • Saffron prevents hair fall post delivery, which otherwise is a common issue.
  • Above all Saffron increases the baby movements in the womb, notifying us about his better health.


Your health is extremely essential and you need to take extra care of yourself whilst you are expecting a newborn. For now, it means your Family and females put Family first above all.

Due to the numerous benefits, Kesar serves, it is highly demanded, mostly in South India. Some miscreants specify Kashmiri Saffron to be very costly and lay ways for the smugglers known as pigeons to smuggle Zafran from Iran into the States. Kashmiri Kesar is a Brand in itself and the Prices they say Saffron is worth is completely a False trail. Just because someone is able to smuggle-in the spice with ease doesn’t mean they guarantee you the quality. Moreover, theft costs nothing whilst hard work needs to be paid. Also, Kashmiri Kesar is almost the same price as smuggled Iranian Saffron that reach the ports of Banglore, with the difference that one has been bought to you keeping in mind the difficult labour the growers faced and the other by trafficking.

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Because of its medicinal values, Banglore and Hyderabadi people use it for the culinary purpose at very large scale. Don’t you feel like drooling when you hear about the Hyderabadi chicken biryani consistently? What is that golden hue with this healing aroma? Of Course, Hyderabadi people add Saffron Milk in the said meal. Moreover, Hyderabadi people have formulated Saffron IceCream too. Isn’t the refreshment just flowing through the air? Doesn’t it blow in you the new life altogether providing benefits too? Kesar Barfi is other famous foodstuff Saffron is used in. The sweetness of aroma is set with sweets itself. It is used in green tea also, serving the combined benefits of green tea as well as Zafran. Additionally, it is used in cooking saffron chicken, Sponge Saffron cake, Tachin, Zafrani pulao and even buns.

Whatever you purchase and from wherever you purchase that if it is pure without any adulterant used in it, it won’t cost you less. Keep that in mind always

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