Price and Best Walnuts In India

price of walnuts in india

Walnuts -known as Akhrot locally in India and Kashmir being the major producer of the nut calls it “DOEN” (singular-DOON). About 2.98 tons of walnuts are cultivated per hectare in Kashmir. The export rate is so high (98%) making it the supreme exporter state.

Walnut production requires a uniformly distributed rainfall of approximately 760mm. The soil must be well drained, fertile, with high humus content, loam and must contain lime. If one has planted Walnut tree in his orchard, he needs to remember that its cultivation is not going to be an easy task. Fruit bearing itself will take place after 10-15 years of plantation and also one must be conscious to maintain a good drainage system, as in case water accumulation gets excessed, crop quality is lost. But what makes you work harder provides you with better benefits. Being an example, Walnut trees give fruits for 100 long years.

price of walnuts in india

Walnut harvesting is done from mid-August to mid-October. Tree flowers in spring which is followed by the fruit growth. However, fruit ripening takes time.

Nutritional value of walnuts:

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Walnuts contain 4% water, 15% protein, 65% fat and 14% of carbohydrates among which 7% is the dietary fibre. A 100 gm serving of walnuts contains 654 kcal and more than 19% of the daily dietary minerals value. Except for vitamin B12, a good content of vitamin B complex is present along with other vitamins too. Calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and zinc are the minerals present.

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Benefits of consuming walnuts:

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  • Walnuts are beneficial for Brain health as well as for the Brain functioning. The presence of phytochemicals and high content of polyunsaturated fats offer those potential benefits.
  • Presence of Omega-3 in walnuts also help in the creation of neurons and reduces the oxidative stress too.
  • Walnuts help in keeping memory function sharp. This happens so with the help of vitamins, good fats, folate and ellagic acid.
  • As mentioned that walnuts are enriched with Omega-3, this boosts the mood, helping to come out of the mood disorders.
  • Walnut oil is good for the inner lining of vessels throughout the human body. This manages to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Walnut consumption also improves cholesterol levels. Thus better for a healthy heart.
  • Walnuts are good to be consumed if one has digestive issues. Walnuts enrich the gut bacteria, making digestion proper.
  • Walnuts help in reducing blood sugar levels. Thus keeping Type 2 diabetes patients fit.
  • Walnuts keep your immune system sound.
  • Walnuts are a rich source of Anti-oxidants-the polyphenols. They prevent the free radicals from doing any damage to human cells by reacting with them. This helps to keep the skin look younger, fresher and in a blissful condition.
  • Besides, the presence of antioxidants reduces the risk of Cancer.
  • One of the best benefits of walnuts is that it doesn’t make you fat. This happens because of Walnuts aid in better blood flow. Just that you need to consume half a cup of walnuts for about a period of four months. Not only will it make you go slim, but this habit is going to reduce your blood pressure too. (Which means it is better for you to consume walnuts if you are a sufferer of hypertension).
  • The presence of Omega-3, potassium, Omega-6, Omega-9 strengthen the hair follicles. The fact that Walnuts contain Vitamins in a good quality too, helps to make the scalp good. Thus overall walnuts promote hair growth.
  • Eating Walnuts increase the melatonin levels. It is melatonin that is responsible for regulating reproductive hormones, the immune system and the natural sleep cycle. The lowering of the levels of melatonin cause issues with sleep and immunity.


Best time to buy walnuts:

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Since walnut harvesting is done during the season of fall, it is wise to purchase walnuts at the onset of winter. Although walnuts may be available at any time in the market, yet the one purchased by the end of autumn will be fresh and maybe stored too. They are made available to you shelled or with the shell. But why to waste energy if shelled are made available to you? However, the decision is yours only.


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Note: for ensuring that your nuts stay fresh longer, wrap them within an airtight bag and throw them in a freezer.

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