What Are Actually Mamra and California Almonds?

Mamra almonds

If You Check Wikipedia The word Mamra Doesn’t exist.Mamra Almonds Are Those Almonds Which Are actually Raw,Organic and Without any Chemical Substance added. They are Actually almonds From Farm fresh Taken Directly From Farmers then Packed and Sell Through India or outside The World.

As I am From Kashmir I Know this Myth Pretty Well.Now Question arises what are Actually Mamra Almonds. Mamra almonds Grow Actually In Kashmir. Some Almonds in Kashmir Give 2 Giries(Without shell Seed Which Is Actually Eaten ).

These two Seeds Are Called Mamra Almonds. Actually People Says it Comes From Iran. You Can Check Wikipedia There is No explanation About It.

In Kashmir, Two Main Types of Almonds Are Grown

  • Kagzi almonds

  • Hard Shelled Almonds ( Mamra Almonds)

Mamra almondsNow Kagzi almonds are Those Almonds Which Have Soft shell and which Can Broken easily Have High Value. Check Out this : Kashmiri Kagzi Almonds ( Soft Shell ) 1 Kg| Kashmiri Premium Quality Badam . This Will Give You Idea Which Actually the kagzi Almonds Is Means with Orginal almonds.

Another High-Quality Kashmiri Almonds Hard Shelled Almonds: Those Almonds Which Can Broken With teeth Or With Some Stone Or any Other.. These are Called Kashmiri Hard Shelled Almonds.Check This: Kashmiri Organic almonds in shell 1Kg | High-Quality Badam.

So These are almonds Are Raw Feild Fresh Organic and High-Quality Badam and You Can Itself Imagine Which Has Good nutritional value.

For Gurbani almond and American They are From Himachal Side and Americain actually Mean Calfornia Almonds in which They Have Less Oil Content and Chimicals are Used To remove The Oil From Badam.

I Hope you will Brief Idea About Almonds.

Good Luck!

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