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  • High Quality Raw Original Saffron (Zafran) – FSSAI Certified



    Each crocus of the Saffron has two male parts (stamen) and three female parts (stigmas). The stigma of this saffron has an appearance like thread, which is dark red or red in color from the top and yellow at the bottom of the stigma, where it is connected to the flower. Though the Saffron has a pungent odor and a bitter flavor, it is widely used for its aroma and coloring capability that comes from the red section of the stigma. The unbroken threads of Kashmiri Saffron are counted by us until they weigh one gram.


    High Quality Raw Original Saffron (Zafran) – FSSAI Certified

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Kashmiri saffron is regarded as the highest quality saffron for its pungent aroma, taste, and coloring effect. This variety of saffron is unique yet excellent and finer among all other varieties. Kashmiri saffron is hardly found outside the country as the major share of total production is consumed within India and a negligible amount is exported.

The physical appearance of the thread is unique with flat, thin and wider tip and the stigma is smooth and silky. Apart from its unique quality and features, it is a very rare and exotic spice that requires a very specific kind of cultivation.

Kashmir is blessed with the most favorable agro-climatic condition that is required in the optimal growth of saffron. The cultivation process of saffron starts in Kashmir in the month of July and harvest at the onset of the autumn season-October. In the month of October, the stigmas are dried to get their final form of saffron. Owing to its long and dark red hues, Kashmiri saffron is regarded as the best variety of saffron available in the market.

High quality and pure saffron can always be recognized by the unique aroma and features of the stigmas it contains.

Best Quality Raw and Organic Natural Kashmiri Saffron ( Kesar ).We Are Selling have Quality of Saffron Like Mongra Saffron, Saffron For Pregnancy and Raw Saffron From Kashmir Valley.

Saffron is the most precious spice in the world and is used in flavoring and coloring various cuisines. The spice is skillfully derived from the stigmas (threads) of the Crocus Sativus saffron flower. Each of these flowers contains three stigmas and these stigmas are meticulously hand picked and dried to prepare this exotic spice called saffron. Saffron grows predominantly in areas that have cold winters and warm dry summers

First cultivated in Greece, Saffron is native to Southwest Asia. Currently, Kashmir (India), Iran, and Spain are the largest cultivators and exporters of Saffron. Compared to the other producers of Saffron, Kashmir is blessed with the perfect agro-climatic condition for saffron cultivation and thus it produces the excellent quality of saffron in the world. Kashmiri Saffron is highly recommended because of the high content of Crocin in it.

kashmiri Saffron

Kashmiri saffron is a type of special spice that grows in the vast region of the valley of Kashmir. It is a herbal spice that enriches the food. Though saffron is also produced in Greece and Spain, Kashmiri saffron spice is qualitative with a sweet aroma. The crushed and dried Kashmiri saffron adds awesome flavor to the Indian dishes. There are many benefits
of eating this type of pure Kashmiri saffron. People need to buy the filtered hygienic Kashmiri saffron. Online top companies, suppliers, and exporters deal with Kashmiri saffron.
Buyers need to know about top Kashmir saffron benefits. A proper buying guide helps buyers to get the hygienic natural Kashmir saffron for skin re-engineering, wellness, and health management.

In Kashmir, Saffron is grown successfully under non-irrigated conditions with a rainfall of 1000-1500 mm per annum. Kashmir is geographically blessed and has favorable conditions to produce the highest quality saffron in the world. Soil with a composition of adequate light is best for the growth and development of saffron plants. Although it grows in various types of soil, it blooms perfectly in deep, well-drained clay – calcareous soils which permits easy root penetration. In Kashmir, saffron is sown in the period of August and mid-September. The flowers are harvested in the autumn season- October and November. Each flower is picked within 48 hours of blooming. Flowers are harvested in the morning when they have fully blossomed. Tweezers are used while plucking the flower in order to take utmost care of it.

After the harvesting, these stigmas are quickly dried in a warm location which results in high-quality saffron. Cultivators often use quick warm drying methods in order to avoid any damage to the stigmas. Over-drying may also harm the stigmas of the crocus plant, so cultivators take careful measures while drying up the stigmas. Perfectly dried stigmas can be stored for the long term. However, saffron is kept in a tightly capped container and stored in a dark place.

Pampur, Kashmir is famous for its vast Saffron fields amongst other regions in Kashmir.

What Is Kashmiri Saffron?

Kashmiri Saffron Original

Kashmiri saffron is a natural spice that is extracted from crocus flowers. The stigmas and
styles of the crocus flowers are collected for preparing the dust saffron spice. Around 75000
crocus flowers are blended to produce approximately 1 pound of saffron spice.

How is Kashmiri Saffron Harvested?

Pampore in Kashmir valley is known for excellent Kashmir saffron harvest. Farmers cultivate crocus flowers on the vast field at the foot of the mountain range. The purple color of the crocus flower is beautiful. Over thousands of women are employed to separate the threads from the crocus flowers for processing the saffron spice. It is packed for delivery to foreign

Types Of Kashmiri Saffron

  1. Special Saffron For Pregnancy
  2. Premium Quality Kashmiri Mongra Saffron (Zafran) | Grade A+
  3. High-Quality Raw Original Saffron (Zafran)

Is Kashmiri Saffron Cheap?

Kashmiri saffron is pricey. 1 kg qualitative Kashmiri saffron costs people around $2900. However, many online suppliers give awe-inspiring discounts on processed Kashmiri saffron.

Use Kashmiri Saffron with Kehwa for Refreshing Drinks The purpose of using Kashmiri saffron is not unknown to local folks. Kehwa is a mood
refreshment drink or tea which contains cinnamon, saffron, and other organic ingredients. Make the tasty tea with pure Kashmiri saffron to re-energize the body.

‘Mongra’ or ‘Lacha’ Saffron:
This type of Saffron is cultivated only on Kashmiri soil. It is recognized by its dark crimson red threads and is the darkest of all Saffron types cultivated across the globe. This variety of Saffron is considered to be the best saffron in the world due to its strong flavor, aroma, and coloring agent. Kashmiri Saffron is rarely found outside India and is also very expensive.

Top Ingredients in Kashmir Saffron

Kashmir saffron is enriched and affluent in natural healthcare properties. It has 310 calories, 6gm fat, 148 mg sodium, and 65 mg total carbohydrates. Besides, it is equipped with 1724 potassium and Vitamin C – 134 %, Vitamin A – 10 % and Vitamin B6 – 50 %.

Aquilla Saffron

Cultivated at the Navelli Valley and Sardinia area of Italy is the Iranian Saffron called ‘Aquilla’. Iran accounts for the largest Saffron production in the world. Iranian Saffron flower plants are a little shorter than Kashmiri Saffron plants and thus the length of the thread is also shorter. The color of Iranian saffron is a lighter red than that of Kashmiri saffron. However, the quality of this saffron is regarded highly by consumers. Owing to its bulk production and export, this variety of saffron is abundantly available in markets around the world. The price of Iranian saffron is less than Kashmiri saffron.

Why Buy Kashmir Saffron From Us?

Kashmiri Kesar

The Best Place To buy Saffron Because We have our Saffron fields in Pampore- where laborers hand cultivate the spice and harvest it with no technology in Use.

We Collect Fresh Saffron From Farmers Of Kashmir Near Pampore, Lathipora and Its Adjacent Parts of Kashmir Where Actually Saffron is Grown. You will Get 100% Original Saffron From Kashmir directly To the Customers. Enjoy The Purity of Kashmir at Your Door Steps.

Kind of, the saffron cultivation is itself a festival in this part of the world. Songs are chanted by the workers whilst working so that ease is felt altogether and work turns to enjoyment.

We From Kashmir Online Store  Have Warehouse in Delhi Also for Fast Shipment To Deliver Hassle-Free Products at Your Door Steps.

Even though, if you haven’t visited Kashmir yet and aren’t planning to visit any time soon, Order the product from our store and we will home deliver your desired stuff anywhere, anyhow.

Believed to be originated from Ancient Greece, The Red Gold” better named as Saffron whose purple veils shrug you and the wafting odour refresh your souls is best known for its culinary use as a spice and has been used for hundreds of years as natural medicine. Saffron comes from the saffron crocus bulb (Crocus sativus), an autumn-flowering crocus. Each flower produces only three stigmas, and a juicy crocus bulb produces only one flower, so it is very rare and expensive. The thread then is plucked and dried by hand, resulting in a fragrant and beautiful spice that is appreciated all over the world. It takes a hand-picked stigma – to gain a single pound, which comes from the dried stigma of saffron crocuses, which explains why it is the most expensive spice in the world. In addition to whatever the price, it is usually packaged and sold in a variety of different quantities such as 1gm, 2gm, 10gm, for
household use and 1-5kg as wholesale.

Although saffron is appreciated in many parts of the world, its only producers are few. Being said that, we have 3 known producers in the world who produced it.

Kashmiri Saffron: it is embedded with a variety of medicinal properties, from anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

The flower produces only three threads (stigmas) of saffron that can only be harvested by hand. The flower is harvested in spring when it withers almost immediately and is closed inside to protect the delicate scar.

As the flower contains only three fragile stigmas, it can take up to 50,000 blossoms to produce a pound of dried Kashmiri saffron.

Given the intensive work required to produce a comparatively low yield, it not difficult to understand why Kashmiri saffron is so rare and expensive. In the Kashmir culture, fragrant saffron is suspended into a hot cup of water added as well as a strong, earthy aroma and cinnamon scent that makes a brew of the golden hue and a deep aromatic taste, known as Kehwa.

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