High Quality Raw Original Saffron (Zafran) – FSSAI Certified

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Each crocus of the Saffron has two male parts (stamen) and three female parts (stigmas). The stigma of this saffron has an appearance like thread, which is dark red or red in color from the top and yellow at the bottom of the stigma, where it is connected to the flower. Though the Saffron has a pungent odor and a bitter flavor, it is widely used for its aroma and coloring capability that comes from the red section of the stigma. The unbroken threads of Kashmiri Saffron are counted by us until they weigh one gram.


Kashmir Saffron

Kashmir Saffron is the most intense variety of saffron on the planet. It has the highest levels of picrocrocin, safranal and crocin – mixes which give saffron its extreme fragrance, striking shading and trademark taste. One can without much of a stretch recognize Kashmir Saffron as just the thickest and darkest marks of shame are chosen for pressing inside the Mongra grade. Kashmir Saffron is likewise the rarest and the costliest type of Saffron accessible in the business sectors as yearly generation is constrained to just around 2000-2500 kg which is under 1% of all out world production.

Most Saffron are sold to the restaurants. Kashmir Saffron developed in and around saffron fields of Pampore has reliably delivered probably the best saffron on the planet with a shading quality of 210+. Dissimilar to uni-dimensional saffron created in different pieces of the world, Kashmir Saffron has a wonderful honey like smell and a sweet delayed flavour impression which makes it perfect for a wide scope of culinary applications.

Each pack of Kashmir Kesar is stepped with three basic figures. Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal levels dependent on lab tests. Each Kashmir Saffron collect is confirmed utilizing IS 5453/3632 and phyto-sterile norms. Our Kashmir Saffron comes only from one ranch, one reap and one handling unit situated in Kashmir. Also from us please buy saffron online for pregnancy.

The Spice doesn’t come shabby – price of 1kg kesar in india around 180,000 rupees ($2,950; £1,800). That means Kesar price 100 grams is 27990 rupees

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High Quality Raw Original Saffron (Zafran) - FSSAI Certified

300.001,399.00 (-26%)

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