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What are Pickles known as in Kashmiri?

Achar in Hindi, Anchaar in Kashmiri are the names to what we called Pickles in English. Preparing achar needs a good patience and an active mind, concerned about his responsibilities. like the other Indian cuisine achar is either vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Well, vegetarian achar can nearly include every vegetable yet non-vegetarian achar is made of chicken, cattle, and fishes.

Achar preparation :

For preparing achar one needs to boil the vegetables first. Apply salt to vegetables that are known to contain good water content. Sun-dry the contents until they appear to be shrunken.  

Mix carom seeds, fennel seeds, Cumin, vinegar, salt, Chilli powder, oil and food coloring agents together with the vegetables. Mix well adding a good content of vinegar. Cover the container for up to 15 days within humid conditions.

Later, open it after the count expires and consume it whenever you want.

Benefits of Pickles:

Tops’ is one of the leading brands of Pickles available in Indian markets. One of the favorites of the crowd is the “Aam ka Achar”. Some even crave for lemon pickles, yet, mango pickles dominate the market. What we overlook when it comes to taste is our health. We surely don’t know what sort of oil has been used, neither do we know anything about the ingredients quality. Preservatives are also known to effect badly on our health.

In such situation what appears to be beneficial is home-made achar which serves taste as well as is good for the health.

Now the benefits Achar provides us are:

  • Pregnant women mostly feel dizzy, nausea all the time. Achar cures the morning sickness problem. Achar is one of the favourite foods that a pregnant lady craves for.
  • Achar keeps your weight in check. This is because they aid in fat breakdown and also provide fewer calories.
  • Achar acts as a good source of anti-oxidants. This means from keeping the skin look young to solving hair problems and to act as a fighter against free radical generation, pickles act as a saviour. Free radical generation is one of the causes of cancers.
  • Nutrients are preserved when pickles are made. This is because no heat is involved in the making of pickles. This saves our favourite snack from getting stale. Thus pickles are highly nutritious.
  • We are said that consuming the internal organs of the cattle is a rich source of vitamin K. Yet, not everyone wills to taste it. Well, the good news for those who are running low at this is this clotting aiding vitamin is present in high contents in Achar.
  • The presence of Vinegar in achar boots our metabolism keeping us fit.
  • Achar provides a good amount of vitamin A and C. Plus it is a known source for containing Dietary fibre. Dietary fibre gives us the feeling of being satiated. This improves digestion too.
  • Pickles are known to have hepatoprotective properties, mostly the amla achar. This means pickles heal and protect our liver.
  • Also, pickles are known to reduce ulcers.
  • Pickles are known to reduce the blood sugar levels. Hence, beneficial for those who suffer from type-2 diabetes.


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