Forest Honey- Pure and Natural | Honey | Sugar-Free| Additives Free|

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Environment Friendly: Our Forest Honey collected in deep forest regions that are free of pollutants and hazardous chemicals. Obtained by skilled foragers without damaging beehives. We also find joy in raising healthy bees that are not subjected to harsh chemical treatments or antibiotics.


No Additives: Unpasteurized, unrefined, and unheated 100 percent pure raw honey only available on Kashmir Online Store. There are no artificial flavors, sweeteners, additives, or colors added. Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B complex, as well as amino acids, minerals, and a variety of active enzymes keep you healthy.


Stuffed with Rich Ingredients: Our raw honey is abundant in natural enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, bee pollen, antioxidants, and probiotics. Since it is drawn obtained from the forest. As a result, it is a blessing to humanity.


Energy Booster: Our Forest Honey works as a natural immune booster and energy booster, and it is quite efficient against cough and cold. Its natural perfume and enticing flavor enhance the flavor of your drink and any other meal.


Ship to Your Doorstep: We guarantee to ship forest honey to your step in the shortest span of time. Works as a sweetener and a healthy sugar alternative.


Forest honey from the Himalayas: We collected the purest forest honey from the high Himalayan flower without affecting any bee colonies.


Skillfully Handcrafted by Chefs: The ingredients in our Honey have been expertly assembled by skilled chefs. You can be confidently said that the product reflects their enthusiasm for the art.


What makes our Forest Honey Special: We provide not only pure honey but also high-quality honey. This honey contains a high concentration of pollen and is antibiotic-free. In addition, no bees are injured throughout the honey harvesting procedure.


Healthy Interchange:

Replace manufactured sugar with honey to naturally sweeten baked products like cakes, buns, and cookies without compromising flavor.


Best Alternative: Our natural forest honey can be used as an alternative to powdered sugar. This honey will be the perfect companion for cakes or waffles as well.


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kashmiri forest honey Pure and Natural

Forest Honey- Pure and Natural | Honey | Sugar-Free| Additives Free|

410.001,400.00 (-41%)

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