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  • Weight: 1 Kg
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  • Availability: Throughout India.
  • COD: Available For this Product Through Out India.

Almonds are the first to be bloomed in Kashmir on the arrival of spring. With the color of flowers ranging from white to pale-pink and the drupe being the oblong shape and hairy green. Pink all around gives the feeling of a princess whose wedding is on and she has to pass through the lanes now. Almonds are named as the king of the dried fruits. Almonds are highly beneficial with high nutrition level, efficient for health building. Almonds serve as a remedy for many common ailments.

The edible part of the Badam-The almond tree is the drupe of its fruit. Badam drupe when on the tree, has an outer hull within which is a hard shell. The hard shell further has the edible fruit that is consumed as “the dried fruit Badam”.

Almonds in Kashmir are either Hard shelled or Kagzi-soft shelled. Hard-shelled Badaam is termed as Mamra.

Almonds are sold shelled, unshelled, sliced, slivered, chopped or unchopped.

The shelled almonds are available during fall or early winter. However, packed almonds are available throughout the year and Green almonds that have not ripen are available in mid to late summer.  

Almonds are candied too. They may be roasted and flavored too. Almonds may be used for making almond butter, may be used in baking purposes, flour maybe ground also oil may be extracted.


Health Benefits Of Mamra Almonds.

  • The beneficence of Almonds/Badam for Hair:

  1. Almonds contain biotin. Now that we know other than eggs what can provide us with an enriched source of biotin is Badam. Biotin or as we may call it Vitamin B7 serves as a source of hair growth by promoting the growth of healthy hair follicles. For adults, an adequate amount of biotin will be obtained from a quarter cup of almonds-sliced.
  2. One of the main causes of hair loss is the deficiency of magnesium. For a daily amount of magnesium required by a human body, almonds provide 23% of it, when consumed a quarter cup.
  3. Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties and protects one’s scalp from oxidative damage.    
  4. Anemia can be one of the causes of thinning. A cup full of almonds provides 29% of iron.
  5. Keratin serves as the plinth of hair and nail growth. It, therefore, is importantly synthesized by proteins.   


  • The beneficence of Almonds  for skin:

  1. Almonds contain olein glyceride linoleic acid preventing one’s skin from acne, prickly skin and blackheads. In addition, vitamin E that is beneficial for the skin is provided by almonds too. Almonds are a mild disinfectant for wounds too.
  2. As mentioned that almonds are an ample source of Vitamin E, it provides our skin with a shield, fighting against sun exposure, thus minimizing skin damage. Almonds treat sunburn also.
  • The beneficence of Badam for the brain:

When young and suffered from forgetfulness, one was advised by his grandmother to consume almonds regularly. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that:

  1. Almonds improve memory skills. Almonds can do it by elevating the levels of a neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
  2. The presence of Zinc in Almonds prevent bacterial and viral infections. The protection against these microbes is needed because they may damage the brain cells.
  3. Proteins are known for their repairing properties. Proteins improve the cells of the brain.
  4. Vitamin E in almonds slows down the aging of brain cells and that has a good impact on memory.
  5. Often doctors recommend Kashmiri almonds and It Helps in regulating blood pressure.
  6. 6. Kashmiri Badams  provide healthy fats and Helps in weight loss







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