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Kashmiri Kahwa – A Taste of Paradise

  • 100% Original Quality.
  • From Saffron Town.
  • FSSAI approved and Tested Kehwa.
  • Taste of The Kashmir Valley.

Same as the simple Kahwa is prepared in the Samovar, Dode kahwa is prepared in that way too. Dode means milk, so in place of water, Milk is used and boiled hard. Also, saffron is not placed in the milk and then boiled. Instead, it is put inside the cups. Care must be taken not to place ingredients into the milk directly. As all the elements of Kahwa need to dispense their valor and smell, all these need to be boiled in a few amounts of water. Later the solution obtained needs to be added to the milk.

Preparing Kahwa from the powders available in the market is very easy. Just take the powder at the tip of a spoon, if you are to prepare for 5-6 people. Boil the contents and add the nuts. Serve and enjoy.

What you need to keep in mind is that the powdered Kahwa ingredients come with a strong flavor. Don’t use much.

Benefits Of Kahwa Consumption

  • Green tea used in preparation is highly beneficial for the digestive system. It is known to ease constipation.
  • Kahwa helps us by improvising the metabolism.
  • Kahwa helps in losing fat. So fitness freaks must give it a go.
  • It prevents from many heart diseases by simply preventing the cholesterol deposition in nerves.
  • It reduces blood pressure levels, reduces inflammation by aiding fat-breakdown. 
  • It gives a boost to one’s immunity- thus helping to fight infections.
  • It fights the cell damage that is done by free radical generation. This slows down the process of aging.
  • Green tea damages the action of heavy metals which otherwise is known to cause brain cell damage.
  • Antioxidants in this beverage balance the growth and death of cells.
  • Kahwa reduces the risk of Prostate Cancers.
  • It moreover prevents bone density keeping bones stronger.
  • It helps fighting cold, cough and fever issues- complete antimicrobial action I say.
  • If not consumed with sugar, the anti-oxidants present in Kahwa helps in bringing down the Blood Sugar levels.



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Buy Natural Premium Quality Kahwa Sugar Free - 100 Grams

430.00699.00 (-38%)

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