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Rock Salt is Mined out from the earth- hence a mineral and the name was given to this mineral is Halite. Rock Salt is obtained from mining seleniferous rock layer (salt-bearing rock layer). Now you might be thinking of how Salts went that deep. The answer to your query is that the world we are living in today wasn’t the same a million years ago. The Himalayas are believed to be yesterday’s ocean. Eventually, when these primordial oceans dried up, rock formation covered these salt layers and now we see them as THE ROCK SALT.

Benefits of Rock Salt:

Rock salt called as “sendha namak” locally  and noon-e-ken in Kashmir has got tremendous benefits about which you must haven’t heard.  Out of the 92 elements required by the human body, rock salt contains 84 of them. Unlike table salt, rock salt doesn’t have high levels of sodium chloride. And if you don’t know sodium is a venom to those who suffer from hypertension.

  • Rock salt maintains the pH balance by facilitating the cellular absorption of minerals- replenishing the body electrolytes.
  • Rock salt aids in deworming and may be useful in curing stomach infections.
  • Rock salt helps in stimulating the body metabolism and keeping oneself fit.
  • Since it is a low sodium chloride content salt, Rock salt is a better salt to be consumed.
  • Since rock salt is full of minerals, it keeps the immune system fit.
  • Rock salt aids in weight loss. What it does actually is it reduces your sugar cravings as it reactivates the insulin.
  • By regulating the levels of melatonin, rock salt regulates the sleep cycle.
  • Rock Salt it can be used as a cleanser., drawing toxins out of your body. Mix the rock salt with your face wash and apply on your skin. Moreover, it removes the dead skin cells from your face.
  • If you get swelling in your feet, soak it in hot water with rock salt dissolved within; you will be relieved.
  • Rock salt with lemon can be used as a scrub for the skin. You will surely get the glow and charm you always wanted in the preprepared products from the market.
  • Rock salt has another dermatological benefit too. Add it with your shampoo, it will promote the healthy hair in you.
  • Rock salt helps in keeping your gums fit and healthy. Massage your gums with the rock salt and there won’t be any problem of bleeding gums at all.
  • Other than being beneficial to one’s body, rock salt purifies the air, pulling the toxins from the environment and keeping it fresh.
  • Rock Salt alkalizes your body, eliminating the risk of serious life-threatening illnesses by reversing high levels of acid.
  • Rock Salt helps in sustaining 70% of the body salt as it promotes the optimal blood flow necessary for growth, development- thus the overall survival.
  • Rock Salt acts a Skin-toner, treats acne, even treats the puffiness of eyes

Rock salt may be good to heart, prevent osteoporosis, is beneficial for those who are diabetic. And above all treats depression.

Availability of Rock Salt In India:

Worldwide, Rock Salt is found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, The Himalayas, Britain, Spain, Romania, Iran, Netherlands and Germany.

The Mighty Himalayas hold a quest full of treasures in it. In India, other than The Himalayas Rock Salt is obtained from the Sambhar salt lake or Didwana located in Jaipur district of Rajasthan. But what is better is to get your mineral from the source that is far off from the pollution. So yes indirectly I am suggesting you buy from those who obtain it from the Himalayas. If you plan to buy it online, I will surely suggest you go with the Kashmir Online Store. They made it available to you in the purest form possible. With processing done, only to take out the impurities.

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