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Embroidered leather handbags Specially Kashmiri Handmade

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Kashmir Crafted bags:

Kashmir- the art hub of the world, holds the most diversified group of artists- whether or not there are people to appreciate it. Craft is what has sustained Kashmiris from a very long past.Let’s Look At The Different Types Of HandmadeBag industries we -the Kashmiris have.

Handmade embroidery bags:

Although we have run far with the technology- with machines processing the whole of the manufacturing, of every product possible- there still exist the handmade embroidered bags. With a world full of people; employed at huge manufacturing and production units, there quiet exist the people who believe to live on hard earned money- involving labor. We have run so far away from our culture, promoting foreign arts- yet loosing our own. Nevertheless, there are always those who crave for tradition and handmade things. Gifting a foreign branded bag may please your beloved, yet- something taken out of some culture and art may surely overwhelm them. You see this is something strange happening with the beings of our nation. We actually like to purchase what their companies have been manufacturing-despite the fact that they spent thousands or even lacs to explore the diversity of our culture- purchasing what our artisans have made out of their caliber with their hands. That’s the truth, there are people in the US, the UK who have set stores of Kashmir Arts in their places- so that their people have not to get here; to experience OUR ART AND CULTURE- instead, they are making them stay and make them experience every delight of our art.

We just need to admire our works’ and start getting back to our culture. Our artists create these bags in any shape acceptable- whether tote bags or sling. Willow Bags are also made and so are the crewal. Other than these, embroidery work is also done on bags made of jute and wool. These bags are knitted according to different patterns- and then decorated with whatever craft possible.

One thing about these products is that they never get out of the fashion– meaning there are its admirers all across the world. And why won’t they be? , these bags are long-lasting and appealing.

It is always a matter of concern for girls- if the bags get dirty. Yet, these products are easily washable- with a guarantee that these won’t get deformed.

What is Aari Culture:

This type of embroidery has associated with it different tools- some more valuable than the others- and the one that is to be grateful about the most is the art of the artisan. With tools demanded- being a needle with a hook at the working end and a stretched cloth with patterns set on it. This thread work full of elegance is the complete effort of hand exertion. Not only is this the part of Kashmiri tradition and culture but this has been providing labor to a number of people, skilled enough to pull this whole thing with their hands.

Embroidered leather Crafted Handbags For Women Full Details :

  • Pure Leather
  • Handmade Embroidery
  • Kashmiri made
  • Life Long Product
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Kashmir Sling Bags:

The history of sling bags in the Indian subcontinent dates back to 1960s, with the travels made by Europeans. Yet, the material for this product of theirs used to be leather- like the ones mostly used nowadays by women.

Kashmiri desired to try their art at Bag making- started to handcraft on the cotton and silk cloth. Long from its length, not-much wide from width and breadth, sling bags have long and thin straps. The elegance of Kashmiri Sling Bags comes from the zari work or Aari-Kaari, most often people prefer Aari-Kaari, which is locally called as Aari-Keam. This traditional and cultural art gives these products a richer and ethnic essence.

With the advent in time, Kashmir crafts world have moved forward. Now, other than experiencing their art at Cotton and Silk cloths, they have started to craft leather bags with their traditional streak.

We at Kashmir Online Store,  have manufactured these bags of suede- embroidered it with Aari work, framing flowers, vines, birds, leaves altogether, to makes it go with the Aari culture.

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