Benefits of Eating Quality Nuts- Best Time and Where To Get Original Nuts

dry fruits and Nuts

A drupe that remains encased within a hard shell is what we call as the Nut.

Not speaking about the botanical or culinary nuts, the edible nuts we talk generally about, in layman terminology are simply the edible seeds available in markets as the dried fruits.

Winters and nut consumption go hand in hand. It is seen that the nuts or dried fruits, in general, are consumed in winter season mostly. I can think of the two most obvious reasons for this. First that the fruits generally available as dried fruits are harvested in the season of fall and the second nuts keep the body heat set in the chilling environment. These have a high oil content and provide a good energy source. Mostly eaten as snacks, nuts available may be raw, salted, sweetened, Roasted or in fact sometimes used for garnishing purposes in sweet dishes like puddings( Pherni ) and Halwa in India.

What Nutritional Value do Nuts have?

Which is the best Nut to Eat for Losing weight Faster?

Packed with nutrients, nuts are a rich source of energy. Vitamins like E, B2 and minerals –  magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium, selenium and Copper are a part of the nutritional profile. Furthermore, monounsaturated and unsaturated fats with large calorie amounts are we can gain from these nuts. That is the reason as to why overeating nuts can cause weight gain, instead if we take these edibles in the limit, we may be able to develop a healthy weight.


Benefits of Eating Nuts:

wall nuts

Nuts are known to combat various health-related issues.  Let us know about the benefits we are served with when we eat nuts.

  • Nuts are the low-carb diet. This means these supply a limited amount of carbohydrates yet, have a high-fat content.
  • Nuts are an excellent source of antioxidants which combat oxidative stress and neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are known for causing cell damage and increasing disease risks including cancers.
  • Eating food-stuff that is rich in antioxidants are known to combat various heart diseases too. LDL cholesterol is reduced too.
  • Nuts aid in weight loss. This is because of the fact that not all calories are absorbed that are acquired from the nuts.
  • Nuts lower cholesterol levels as they contain monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Nuts like almonds and hazelnuts are known to increase good cholesterol.
  • Nuts prove to be a blessing for people with type-2 diabetes as blood sugar levels are reduced.
  • Nuts show anti-inflammatory properties. Thus the reduction in kidney inflammation is witnessed.
  • Whatever dried fruit you may be consuming, Nuts are high in fiber content. Fiber gives us the feeling of fullness for a longer term. This is one of the reasons as to why nuts help in weight reduction.

Best time of Eating Nuts: best time of Eating Nuts for losing weight?

There is no fixed time of eating nuts as a whole. Individually, Walnut must be consumed at the night time. Pistachios and cashews in the evening. And about almonds, it must be consumed in the mornings.

How much nuts to be consumed:

Best place to buy Nuts

Try consuming the mixture of nuts, I guess it is better. Take one ounce of these mixed nuts daily. In this way, you can have a mixture of benefits that each nut provides individually.

Of course, there are some nuts, that provide benefits which other types don’t ( which I am going to mention in Later sections). Thus consuming mixed nuts may serve benefits as a mixture of all.

Best place to buy Nuts from:

Which is the best Nut to Eat for Losing weight Faster?

Kashmir Is known for things like saffron, nuts, kehwa etc. the reason for that is those products with their origin in Central Asia spread to Kashmir first, in the whole Indian Subcontinent. There is this store online that serves you the best of the products. Best quality products which are field fresh are available at cheaper rates at the Kashmir Online Store. Manual labour is involved in the field work, which brings a much more fruitful harvest. No adulterant is present in their products thus purity is under check. Moreover, you can visit their store and fields anytime when in Kashmir.

Nuts available at Kashmir Online Store:

Let us have a look at which Nuts Kashmir Online Store brings to you.


  • Almonds:


Almonds, locally known as badam in the valley, are the first to bloom on the arrival of spring. Kashmir Valley holds a complete garden of Badam trees in the Capital City of Srinagar, near the foothill of Hari-Parbat- the Almond alcove (BADAM VAER). In case you are a travel freak, this is one of the destination tourists as well as locals visit in the Valley.

The blooming of Almond flowers marks the arrival of spring. Since it is engineered by God himself, Almonds have numerous benefits. Let us have a look at those.

Benefits of almonds:

Eating almonds prevents the clogging of arteries- the oxidation of cholesterol. This is because of the presence of Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant. It thus reduces blood cholesterol levels. Antioxidants are also known to kill the Free radical generation of the cells, the radicals that would have caused much bigger diseases like Cancers. The increased amount of antioxidants in the bloodstream other than lowering bad cholesterol lowers the blood pressure levels as well. Moreover, it safeguards from various heart diseases too. Almonds have good content of magnesium. This lowers the blood sugar levels. Due to the higher content of Fiber and lower contents of Carbs, almonds give the feeling of fullness for a longer time. This helps in reducing weight. Almonds are beneficial for brain health and its development. Furthermore, the risks of Alzheimer’s disease is reduced.  Also, almond oil or almond as a drupe makes the hair strands stronger thus a remedy for stopping hair fall.


  • Apricot Nuts:


In the Whole state of Jammu and Kashmir, apricot growth is witnessed in Leh-Ladakh only (large scale).  This drupe purchased from that part of the state is termed as “Botte Tchear” in Kashmiri. Well, the benefits of Apricots are numerous but here our main focus it the nut that lies within the stone of Apricot-the kernel or seed. Let us see what benefits do Apricot Nuts serve us with.

Benefits of Apricot Nuts:

Apricot Kernel provides us with the oil, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. The healthy fats present in the seed helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels. They moreover, contain omega-3s and omega 6s that helps in fighting coronary heart diseases and improve brain health too. Apricot kernels have cancer-fighting properties too because of the presence of amygdalin.

However, before taking anything for issues like cancer one must consult the doctor definitely. Because what turns out to be good for some person doesn’t mean it will turn good to you too.

The omega-3s present in Apricot Kernels helps in fighting depression and anxiety. It is known to improve eye health too. Omega-3s helps in fighting inflammation and other autoimmune diseases too. Furthermore, it can help children with Asthma. Fats of the liver are reduced. Bone and joint health are improved. Menstrual pain which feels like killing is reduced. Also, better sleep is induced.

There are a few benefits of skin too. Like these keep the skin hydrated, reduces the premature ageing of the skin and the risks of developing acne.

So! Hey, you are about to get that acne free spotless skin.


  • Walnuts:


The brain-shaped nut has 4% water, 15% protein, 65% fat, and 14% carbohydrates, including 7% of dietary fibers. Though it is abundantly available in the Indian markets, yet, Kashmiri Walnuts are completely organic, rather than what is grown in Himachal commercially. Let us have a look at the benefits of walnut kernels.

Benefits of Walnuts:

Walnuts reduce blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, increase the rate of fat burning thus aiding in fat loss.  Walnuts lower LDL cholesterol and thus are beneficial for better heart health. Walnuts aid in the process of digestion, better growth and development, better brain health- with increasing the intellect power and keeps the immune system sound.

Furthermore, walnuts help in reducing the early ageing symptoms like wrinkled skin etc.

Best time of Nut Purchase:

Benefits of Eating Nuts:

The best time when you can make the Purchase of these nuts is the Season of fall. Just to make sure that you buy the fresh stock of them, purchase it after their harvesting season.

Although this store makes the fresh products available to you, but still for the sake of your satisfaction order for those in autumn.

Worst Nuts to Eat:

There is nothing like worst and best. Things being blessings or a curse to you simply depend upon how you use them. Everything eaten out of limits is a curse whilst taking those in proper amounts is a blessing. Let us have a look at how many nuts can you have in one day.


  • If you are to take Almonds only in your diet, have 23 of it daily. It will provide you with all the essentials and benefits that you take it for.


  • If you are to take Walnuts only just have 3-4 of it a day.
  • Just take 10-12 apricot nuts if you are to take these only, daily.



I suggest have a mixture of these with just 4-5 almonds, 2 walnuts and 5-6 apricot nuts.

Best way to eat these nuts is to keep the nuts in water overnight. In the morning you can drink that very water and eats nuts. Believe me, this is one of the best things I am recommending someone.

Which is the best Nut to Eat for Losing weight Faster?


What amount of Nuts should be Eaten for Faster Weight loss?

16-18 Per servings.

What is the best time of Eating Nuts for losing weight?  

In Morning. Try soaking the nuts in Water and drink that water too.

Can we eat nuts on Empty Stomach?

Of course! No issues in that. In fact, it is recommended.

Do nuts Cause stomach Issues?

If overeaten; Yes.

Can we eat nuts at night?

Although one can. But since nuts are calorie rich, I suggest eating those in the morning.


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