Get Best Quality walnuts and Walnut Kernels including Fresh and High Quality Snow-white,Mixed Brown walnuts and Broken Walnut Kernels with Free Shipping All Over India

Organic- Naturally grown walnuts:

At the commercial level, the productions don’t really mean quality. Their real goal is to get their stores filled as much as they can. Mostly, the Indian market is dominated by the walnuts that are produced in non-organic ways- using chemicals and later sold under high brand names. Search for local brands, that operate from their orchards like the one I am mentioning, the Kashmir Online Store. Our product grows from Organic fertilisers like compost and manures. No chemicals are used meanwhile and the product is kept as pure as we can. Completely human labour sets the nut for consumers from cultivation to harvesting, manual labour is involved.

So value the hard work of so many labourers indulged and try purchasing from our hub. We won’t fail you definitely.

Types Of Walnut In Kashmir

The removal of walnut shells and extracting the kernel inside it is called as the UnShelled walnut Or Walnut kernels or Badam Giri. These Walnut Kernels are Stored under the temperature of 25-degree Celsius and checked for if any microbes are developed. The packaging is perfect and airtight. In fact, I Can Say Our Customers are Very Satisfied with Our Quality Of Walnuts and They Are really happy to Buy from us With a very genuine price.

Shelled Walnuts Or Walnuts With Shell take more space for packaging and makes it expensive then shelled. The quality of walnuts is really good and available at lower rates compared to other stores.

Health Benefits Of Kashmiri Walnuts

Walnuts are a known source of Oleic acid- a monounsaturated fatty acid, which is proven to reduce blood pressure levels, aiding weight loss by increasing the fat burning, protecting from hyperglycemia,  preventing the free radical damage of cells, preventing ulcerative colitis- which is a bowel disease that is characterized by inflammation with ulcer formation in the lining of the colon and lastly generates brain myelin. Furthermore, oleic acid is known to act against genes linked with cancer.

Walnuts lower bad cholesterol and help to protect against heart diseases as they provide healthy lipid supply. Moreover, linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid and arachidonic acids aid in safeguarding from heart diseases too. Often Old Age and Diabetic People use Kashmiri Pure Walnuts Daily In Order Have Balance and Normalize the level of Sugar.

Omega-3 in walnuts help to reduce oxidative stress in the brain and Vitamin E, folate and ellagic acid all found in walnuts also contribute to neuroprotection and memory function. Omega-3 fatty acids aid in fat loss too.

Fitness trainers who love healthy buildup use Walnuts for muscle developing. Not using the artificial supplements and instead, the naturally grown- obtained walnuts are used to keep the body in shape for the long term, letting the curves last long.

Walnuts are suitable for all age groups including whether children or adults. These enhance body strength as well as strengthen us mentally. Often Doctors Recommend Walnut Kernels are highly recommended by the doctors for being consumed by the children. It develops in them the ability to be creative

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants helping in reducing the signs on ageing. It reduces wrinkles, scars and sun damage too.

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