Plain Green Pista: Plain Pista | Delicious in Taste | Best Snacks |100% Natural | Good for Health

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Healthy Snacks: Pistachios or Pista are the most underrated when it comes to snacks. These pea-sized nuts have uncountable health benefits besides their delicious crunchier taste.


Good for Heart: Pistachios can lower the risk of heart disease in a number of ways. Pistachios are abundant in antioxidants and that may decrease blood cholesterol and blood pressure, lessening your risk of heart disease.


Weight Cutter: Eating salted pista on a daily basis aids in weight loss. Pistas are high in calorie protein and fiber, which will benefit those who are seeking to lose or maintain weight.


Highly Nutritious: Pistachios or Pista are high in minerals (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium and vitamins) and vitamins (vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K, and folate).


High in Antioxidant: A high-antioxidant diet can lower the risk of a variety of diseases (including heart disease and cancers). Since our pistas are high in antioxidants thus keep you healthy and maintained.


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Post-Workout: Pistachios are a great post-workout snack since they comprise 6 grams per serving. For athletes, pistachios provide more than enough calories and protein to simplify their work.


Best Compliment to your Dish: These nuts, which can be eaten raw, grilled, or salted, have a gently sweet, rich flavor that compliments Asian delicacies. They can also be used in the production of dessert, pastes, and pies. Pistachios may be added to your preferred pancake and bread recipes or chopped and sprinkled over grilled meat or fish.


Premium Quality: Our pista is Fresh handpicked, refined, and wrapped. Kashmir Online Store never sacrifices the quality of the products. They are well maintained and no chemicals or additives have been used in the process.


Boost Energy: Pistachios or Pista are stuffed with the fiber, minerals, and unsaturated fat that can maintain your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Their fiber and protein can make you feel fuller for longer.


Mild Taste: Pistachios have a fairly mild taste that might be somewhat sweet. There is diversity in a lot of pistachios, with a few having a stronger fragrance and others being a little milder.

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Plain Green Pista: Plain Pista | Delicious in Taste | Best Snacks |100% Natural | Good for Health

700.002,200.00 (-22%)

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