Premium IRANI Pista Salted (Pistachio) – ISO: 22000:2015 / FSSAI Certified

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IRANI Pista Salted (Pistachio)

  • High-Quality Pista (Pistachio).
  • Imported Product.
  • Country of Origin – Iran.
  • 100% Pure Veg Product.
  • FSSAI Certified & ISO 22000:2015 Approved.
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Actually called pistachio, Pista belongs to the cashew family. It is native to central Asia and the Middle East. Though Iran is the highest producer of the fruit- over half of the world’s production, nevertheless its existence is threatened. The seed that is consumed as dried fruit is encased within a shell.

Pistachio is a desert plant and tolerates saline soil. These can survive difficult temperatures, from -10 degrees in winter to nearly 50 degrees Celsius in summers. For the ripening of fruit into edible pistachio, long and hot summers are required. The seed is a little elongated, with a beige hard shell. The fruit inside is a drupe with mauve colored skin and greenish flesh. The taste is salty.

Though the fruit-bearing of the pistachio tree is biannual, yet the tree itself can sustain for nearly 3 centuries. The peak of production can be seen when the tree has reached 20 years of age and till the age of 7, no fruit-bearing is seen. When harvesting sessions begin, the fruit can easily fall down by merely shaking the stem. There is equipment too, that shake these drupes off the tree. Or these may be handpicked. After harvesting, the hulling process begins. The pistachios are divided into 2 groups of open mouth shells and closed-mouth shells. These are then roasted, each with their individual machines and processes.

Culinary Uses of Pistachio:

Pistachio can be used in desserts like pudding, Halwa, milkshake, sweets, kulfi, biscuits, and ice creams.pista in india

Nutritional Value of Pistachio:

A serving of 100g of Pistas provides 562 KCal. 28 g of Carbohydrates are served, including Sugars and Dietary Fiber. Saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats are present too. Nevertheless, Proteins, Vitamins, and minerals are also severed.

Pistachio Benefits:

Truth be told, out of these many dried fruits we can munch on, Pista is my personal favorite. The reason besides the taste that keeps you drooling is its benefits.

Health Benefits Of Pistachio india

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3 Reviews For This Product

  1. 03

    by Shuriti Sharma

    As always, the nuts will be 100% perfect from this store. They are big and fresh to individually inspect. So just like with all nuts, that will be so tasty, easy to open, fresh, not like expired or under air, best taste, I’m sure the manufacturer takes action to prevent all that.

  2. 03

    by Rahul Agarwal

    Best quality Product, i found here. Must Buy

  3. 03

    by Sanjukta Sen

    Simply Delicious! Couldn’t stop eating. The package was received in perfect condition. Pistas are sent in a sealed bottle. Highly recommend it.

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Premium IRANI Pista Salted (Pistachio) - ISO: 22000:2015 / FSSAI Certified

Rs.499.00Rs.1,599.00 (-38%)

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