White Apricot (Khumani) – Organic 100% Premium Quality

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White apricots are the smaller stone fruits a little elongated in length but round in shape. Flesh is extremely juicy when eaten fresh. Creamy in appearance. Color varies from being pale to yellowish. Flavour Wise it is sweet. Taking a bite from one you will feel a sudden sugar rush and the after taste feels  somewhat tangy. They have a minutely red blush in  their texture. 

However, the fruit is mostly consumed in dried form mostly. This gives it a somewhat faded and dehydrated look. The drying leaves the fruit nutrient dense and extremely beneficial for consumption.  

Available in late spring and earlier summer, these are known to be one of the original varieties of apricots. These are available in many forms other than fresh and dried. We can have white apricots pureed, jammed, baked, sugared, roasted and grilled as well. 

White apricots are rare because of hybridization, yet are definitely very much welcomed and demanded among those who drool on healthy snacks. Apricots have varieties and the best among them are the ones that are ripened. Select the ones that are neither too soft to develop a bruise nor hard to break. 

Now dried white apricots are rich in dietary fiber content like every other dried fruit as well.  Given the high content of nutrients, these dried white apricots are beneficial in many ways. Let’s peek into these ones by one.   

Fiber helps in weight reduction as it suppresses the appetite along with fewer calories. Not to forget it is the fiber that causes the skin to look fresh and beautiful. Fibers are also known to relieve constipation as they make the stool heavy allowing its smooth passing. Fibers cleanse the body from toxins as well. 

The presence of nutrients like magnesium, vitamins, copper, iron, etc have its benefits as well. Magnesium helps in keeping the heart health sound. This also eases up one from anxiety and stress. Also, magnesium is known to give a good night’s sound sleep. Cramps and muscle spasms are treated as well. Presence of calcium aids the strengthening of the bones and teeth. 

All these benefits just from the consumption of white apricots. Furthermore, apricots bless us by Encouraging the cell growth, Building up the immune system, maintaining a good vision, keeping bones healthy, and making reproductive health better.

The drupe apricot is similar to the fruit of peach. Its surface has short velvety hair, with its tincture ranging from yellow to orange. For the maturation of Apricots, a dry climate is required.

At the center is a seed, that has a woody endocarp surrounded around it, lying inside a less juicy flesh. Although people in Kashmir consume their seed, yet one must not. It is because it is not counted as an edible part by knowledgeable people. In fact, some of its types may be poisonous to be eaten as it contains amygdalin from which cynic acid may be extracted. Sweet apricot kernels contain 0.9% of amygdalin while the bitter kernels have about 5% of this poisonous compound. Which means one can have 0.05% and 0.3% of cyanide respectively.


Where do we get the best apricots from? 

You can get the best apricots from Kashmir/Ladakh. 

What is the best way to eat white apricots?

Clean it with lukewarm water and place 2, 3 white apricots in milk with dates. 

 Are White Apricots Costly? 

Rupees 800/KG isn’t costly for a top-notch quality product with these many health benefits. 

And mostly the price depends on what the dealer is providing you with.

Can I get white apricots of Kashmir? 

Surely you can. 

What is the best time to eat white apricots?

Before bed is the perfect timing to eat white apricots.

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White Apricot (Khumani) - Organic 100% Premium Quality

350.001,200.00 (-20%)

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