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  • High-Quality Kashmiri Almonds Kernel – FSSAI Certified


    Why To Buy Almond Kernels From Kashmir Online Store 

    1. High-Quality Almond kernel are Available On Our Store With Delivery all Over India.
    2. You will 100% Original and Unprocessed Organic Almonds From Kashmir Online Store.
    3. Rate Of Almond Giri affordable and Comparable to other stores the price is cheaper too.Although, price doesn’t matter to me as I always prefer quality over all other things.
    4. You will see a lot Of Oil Content Present In the Giri.
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Some Important Points About Almond/Badam

Teardrop-shaped drupe counted in Nuts and mostly available in mixed dried fruits- Almonds. Locally in the Indian Subcontinent, including the Kashmir Valley and Pakistan too, almonds are called by the name Badam.
The Cultivation of the Nut is native to the Mediterranean climate of Mid-east and Southern Asia. Beauty seems to have been diffused in the air with the onset of Spring when the first tree-flowers to bloom are White-Pink in Hue. There is this mesmerising charm all around, in the Month of March just because of the bloom of One single tree- The Almonds.
The growth is supported in the regions of temperature ranging from 15 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius, which infers to the Climatic conditions being warm- dry Summers and mild Wet Winters.
Its cultivation is believed to have begun from somewhere near Syria, Turkey and Iran and due to the Trade relations that had grown among the zones lately, it spread to the shores of Europe, Africa and California- which currently seems to be the most important of All.
63% of the world’s Almond production is from the USA producing nearly 1.02 billion Kg of Almonds per year.
Of Course! that counts huge.
Now let us have a look at how and when the fruit is obtained.

Growing and Harvesting Badam:

In a world of earning an easy living, we forget that there still are the chores which require an immense Hard work and that in the end, pays back in an enormous way, more than we expect. What people have forgotten in the world of growing successful entrepreneurs (restaurateur) is the Farmer who worked hard day and night to obtain his crop without any losses. (Well they don’t earn a high profit.)
Having a look at the Sowing of Almond seeds or Planting a Badam Tree to obtain the harvest.
Almonds constitute the group of plants whose seeds can be sown and eventually a tree does grow from it but with no fruit bearings (in Most cases). So, if you want to enjoy the drupe this technique is not going to work (you see 50% percent chances exist and no you mustn’t rely on it).
Thinking about what to Do then? Well, I do have an answer for that too.
The method that is used for Almond cultivation widely and generally with positive results is the agricultural technique we call Grafting and Budding and that happens in summer.
But Wait. What? Did I just Mention Grafting? Isn’t Grafting done on an already Grown Plant?

Of Course, it is. So definitely we have to look for how to grow a tree from the Nut itself.
What we need to do is we need to take a soft-shelled almond, plant it in a riverside soil placed in a pot, cover it to make it airtight, and check it daily almost for a week. If you seem to witness some sort of Sprouting, Congratulations, You’re a step closer of getting an Almond tree.
Remove the polythene bag that you used to wrap, for making the pot airtight and sprinkle water on it gently (just a little of it). Place the pot in warm place and watch its growth. When it grows a little further, take it out of the pot along with the soil and put it somewhere in the garden, in a way that it receives the maximum of the sunlight. After a year or two, graft the plant with the offshoot of the tree that already gives a good amount of fruit. Before enjoying the delicacy you need to wait for 5 long years. And yes! That is it.
NOTE: Grow almonds somewhere where other tree varieties are grown too. This assists in Pollination and thus is a must.
In the above-mentioned method, you need to plant the Almond with shell, at the beginning, making sure you are using the soft-shelled type of Almond as it will be easily broken when the root comes out
One can also sow the drupe itself, yet, caution is that the seed be fresh and it has to be placed in a bowl of water to be germinated.
Let us have a look at it in detail.
Take a few fresh almonds- shelled, unroasted, unsalted etc. etc. Place them in water for 2 days, changing it after every 12 hours. Break the almond tips with a nail cutter or fingernails maybe. Moistened, wrap them in a tissue paper that is moistened too. Sprinkle water over the paper, without letting the seeds to get too wet but make sure they are not that dry too. Check after a weeks time, the sprouting has occurred already. Take a flower pot, filled with riverside soil, make a hole in the soil itself and later place the seed within, such that the sprouted root is partially into the soil, and the soil covers the seed. Place dried hay/grass over the seed as well as the sprouted root and sprinkle little water over it. Sapling growth will be witnessed in the coming days and what follows is the same as above.
The sprouting thing and all must be in autumn so that sapling is obtained in the actual season of bloom- the spring.
Now the plants need to be cared for, looked upon, fertilised properly until it is all set to give fruits. Later Harvesting occurs in the Season of Fall, the season of golden leaves- Autumn.
A healthy Almond tree gives around 40 pounds of the drupe, annually.”
Boom!!! So you are at the win. Do experience Almond Planting.

Different Forms in which badam are available In India:

  1. Kagzi Badam
  2. Mamra Badam
  3. Afghani Mamra Badam
  4. High-Quality Natural Almonds Kernel (Long Size)
  5. Premium Quality Kashmiri Almonds in Shell (Hard Shelled)

The unripened drupe is enclosed within the green outer hull with a hardwood like shell insides. When the fruit ripens, removing these coverings and obtaining the drupe only is termed as shelling of almonds and this is what goes into the market as Shelled Almonds. Nevertheless, we have Unshelled Almonds available in the market too.
There lies a custom in the valley of Kashmir, to serve the groom’s procession with dood Kahwa, that has these nuts within, yet, blanched.

Wondering What Blanching of Almonds Means?

Well, we shell the Almonds, boil the contents until the brown covering appears to have softened. Drain the water out and remove that dark brown coat surrounding the drupe.
Apart from Shelled, Unshelled and Blanched Almonds, the nut is available as Smoked, Roasted and Salted too.
Oil is extracted from the nut and later is sold as Almond oil as well as Butter.

Badam Price In India:

In the year that passed, Almond Harvesting resulted in obtaining 1000 Metric Tonnes of the Drupe, with its Cultivation being Restricted to the Northern Zone Of the Country.
Because of the Enormous benefits, badams serve us with, Its demand has increased among the Middle-Class Society of the State.
It is best to Purchase Almonds shortly after the Harvesting Fest and yes! The Demand for these nuts increase in the Winter Months.
The breed of Indian Almonds are cultivated In Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, In the tropical areas of West Bengal and the Coastal Regions like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
Yet, if you ask me what is the optimal place to look for the Best Quality Almonds, I will definitely Go with Kashmir.
Let us have a look at what makes Kashmiri Almonds best.

Badam Price In Kashmir:

Basically, to understand what is best for us we need to understand the difference between the different types of Almonds available in the Indian Market. Later In Separate Sections, I will definitely write the differences between the Almond types, but for now, let you know why Kashmiri Almonds are a perfect Snack for your family.
Kashmiri Almonds are known as the “King Of Dried Fruits”. They have 14.5 % of proteins and a high source of Vitamin E. Nevertheless, Almonds have a high content of phosphorous yet, not even a pinch of cholesterol. No chemicals are used for obtaining the drupe, other than the required amount of fertilizers- which means there are fewer chances of having any reactions.
The quality is always looked for when growing and Harvesting these nuts and no bitter Almonds are put in the packings as the adulterants.
The question is how to identify Kashmiri Almonds. I tell you Kashmiri Almonds are shorter in size without any chemicals used. They may be hard-shelled as well as softshell. Paper shelled almonds that are easier to be broken also exist and these are somewhat bigger in size than that of the hard-shelled almonds.
A notable benefit of Kashmiri Almonds is that these are a little bitter in taste than that of the other varieties. So, those with type-2 dabetes must start consuming Kashmiri Almonds. Moreover, these are useful in treating Diarrhoea.
Wondering how Badam Cultivation came to Kashmir?
For if you are someone who is fond of History, you might be knowing that there is a historical link between central Asia and the Valley Of Kashmir. Count almonds among the various bounties that were given to the valley by the region who were the first cultivators of the nut. Later, ancient farming techniques were much more enhanced than we think and we came to have our own Breed of Kashmiri Almonds. Thus it is the genetic makeover of the central-Asian almonds that resulted in the introduction of a whole different variety of Badam.

Note: This genetic makeover would have taken place because of the effects of the environment or different breeding methods.
I have written about a few benefits of the Kashmiri Almonds. Now, let us see the benefits Badam provide us in whole.

Benefits Of Almond Consumption:

You must have heard from your elder generation, maybe grandparents that eating badam can help us in having beautiful skin or maybe a long hair. If not about this, then you must have definitely heard about enhancing the ability to think and increasing brain power by consuming Almonds.

Let us take a look at the benefits of Almonds Intake in detail.

  • These splendid nuts have the magnificent nutrient profile. Just a handful of Badam serves 161 calories and nearly 2.5 grams of Carbohydrates. These nuts are full of monounsaturated fats, high in fibers, Vitamins like B2 and E and the proteins.
  • Almonds are an excellent source of Antioxidants which provide the protection against Free Radicals, oxidative stress, reduce inflammation- which otherwise can be the causes of Cancers and ageing. These antioxidants are present in the brown-layer of these nuts and thus blanched almonds won’t be much healthier.

Although smoking must not be practised. Yet, if someone does he must ingest almonds, for oxidative stress is reduced.

  • Vitamin E is a group of antioxidants that protect our cells from oxidative damage. These also protect against heart diseases, Cancers and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Almonds have a high amount of magnesium and this mineral is known to control blood sugar levels- most accurately they help people with type-2 diabetes.
  • High blood sugar levels and hypertension is somehow linked. Those who take almonds may witness to have reduced blood pressure levels.
  • Bad cholesterol is a known cause of heart diseases. Almonds reduce LDL levels while keeping good cholesterol as such.
  • Almonds being a good source of fiber help in reducing hunger as fibres give us a continuous feeling of fullness. Thus an excellent diet to rely on for weight loss.
  • As mentioned that almonds are a good source of magnesium, this promotes hair growth. Furthermore, almonds provide sufficient nutrients to hair follicles making hair strands strong and thus reduce hair fall.
  • Ever tried applying almond oil or its milk? We do rely on creams and lotions manufactured in laboratories, but we never try obtaining beneficiaries from these natural products. Almond oil helps in softening of skin and against the damage by exposure in the sun.
  • Almonds being a good source of Vitamin E guard against unstable molecules that target healthy tissues which otherwise would have resulted in age related macular degeneration and even cataracts.
  • Almonds boost alertness and soundness of mind and increase memory power and retention. They boost brain functionality and help repair the brain cells.

Eating Almonds in Pregnancy:

Every dried fruit is rich in fiber content which enhances the digestion and regulates the bowel movement. So definitely Almonds do the same. The high content of proteins help in developing muscle mass in the babies. The vitamin E present in almonds help in beautifying hair, skin, bettering the eye sight. Manganese and Calcium helps the baby in a better development of bones and teeth.
Things to take Care of When Including Almonds in Diet:
Everything around us has its own advantages as well as shortcomings. What we obtain from those things truly depends on how we are taking it. For any food item we need not to take anything out of limits and must always check for quality first. For now let us see how many almonds can we ingest in one day.
A healthy adult whose is not allergic to any mineral or vitamin or nutrient can have an ounce of almonds in a day that basically are nearly 22 almonds.

Culinary Uses of Badam:

Oil is extracted from almonds that is known as the Almond oil which can be used anyway we want, either applying just like a beauty product or as edible.
Almonds are roasted and Salted and then ingested just like a snack.
Almonds are used as an ingredient in making smoothies, shakes, ice-creams, tarts, cakes and other deserts too.
Badam ka Halwa and firni are the traditional sweet dishes that are made in every Indian kitchen-again using these Badams.
A Few of The Badam Dishes:

  • Badam ka halwa:

Take half a cup of Badam, soak it in 1 cup of boiling water. Blanch those. And take a pinch of Saffron in a tablespoon of hot water. Without making it too fine, grind the blanched almonds so as to obtain a paste. Put this paste on a saucepan and on a low flame, keep sauteing unless it appear to be cooked, diffusing the aroma. Add half a cup of Sugar and mix it well with the almond paste. The sugar will start melting and honestly the contents will adhere together. Pour the saffron solution on the pan and mix it equally. Add 2 tablespoons of ghee and mix it consistently till it gets absorbed. Now add more tablespoons and repeat the procedure. Stop adding more ghee when the mixture appears to have thickened. Keep cooking and sauteing until you feel lumps are being formed. If the resultant still appears to be wet and sticky keep cooking else cook for one more minute and serve the dish hot!

  • Badam ki barfi

Blend blanched almonds with milk. When it becomes a paste put in a saucepan. Add sugar to it making it melt. Stir constantly and bring the contents to boil. When the mixture appears to have dried and you feel it looks like dough, remove from heat. Make it roti like using a rolling pin. When the pieces appear t be thin enough, cut it is shapes.
Ready to serve?
Best time of purchasing Almonds:
Autumn is the recommended time for the purchase of Almonds as we aren’t done with harvesting until October. In Fact, this is the season where freshly cultivated almonds will be available in the market. Moreover, the quality will be high too
Best Time Of Eating Almonds:
Although it is completely your choice to decide as to when you will take almonds, however, morning is the most recommended time. Having almonds in morning helps to give you a feeling of fullness for long time. Nevertheless, eating almonds before bed induces a better sleep. So, most precisely the choice is gonna be your’s.

Now if you are looking the best season of almond consumption, i suggest winters out of my experiences. Not only gives it the benefits it provides because of its nutrients, yet also its quality of Being a dried fruit helps maintaining the inner warmth in the season of chilling environments.
Do Almonds have an expiry:
Not exactly can I term it as an expiry date, rather I will say its best to consume every dried fruit with in a few weeks of opening its seal ( here in case of shelled almonds only). If almonds aren’t shelled you can keep it nearly for a year only if you are living in a cold zone where temperatures don’t go above 30 degrees. Else due to the moisture in the air and the heat, they may get stale

Types of Almonds available in India:

  • California Almonds:

Also known as american badam, these are higher in protein and vitamin value than that of Mamra. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids. To identify the almond type, I tell you the long Almond is the Californian. It is processed with the chemicals, yet, is oil free.

  • Mamra Almonds:

These almonds are somewhat shorter in size. Mamra almonds have their roots from Mid-east and Kashmiri Almonds is just an another name given to the breed that evolved since long. Mamra is somewhat costly because of the restricted cultivational area. Mamra or Kashmiri almonds are higher in Carbohydrates which means it is going to keep you well energized for longer. No chemicals are used in Mamra, which means it won’t be hazardous to be consumed. That the mamra are available in their natural state, they are a little bitter in taste. But i suggest you put your trust in the nature and enjoy its delicacy without any artificial chemicals sprayed.

  • Badam giri:

This seems to be some type of almonds. But let me tell you it is not. Instead, it is just the Kernels obtained after shelling the Nut. After the Harvesting of the almond plants and obtaining the actual product from it, badam are shelled out from the woody outing and the resultant seed/drupe is what You hear- GIRI. nevertheless, it is known by some other name and yes you know it- Almond Kernels.
Badam price in Chennai:
South Indian’s are one of the strong reasons to the Indians being civilised as whole and being counted as geniuses. What has kept their brains functioning awesome is their habit of dried fruit consumption either raw or in dishes. They Prefer Buying from Kashmiri Sites Like Us To No doubt how much Expensive Dry Fruits
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