Premium Quality Afghani Mamra (BADAM) – ISO: 22000:2015 / FSSAI Certified

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Mamra Almonds are basically from Afghanistan. The cultivation later spread to the other regions of Central-Asia slowly. High-quality Afghani Mamra badam, highly nutritious, and good oil content. 

Directly from the cultivators, packed keeping hygiene as the utmost priority. Fresh organic kernels with appetizing benefits. These almonds have the least chemicals used from sowing of the seeds to harvesting and are delivered to the consumers in nearly 100% natural condition. These almonds have a higher oil content comparatively and are long and thin (though smaller than normal almonds). It is costlier and with higher nutrition than California Almonds. 

A single almond kernel of Afghani Mamra is equivalent to ten pieces of Californian variety. 

Almonds are long known to be beneficial for healthy brain development. This snack has the potential to induce a healthy sleep if consumed before bed with milk.

Since these are fiber-enriched, Mamra badam makes it to the best-opted grub for diet purposes.

 Afghani Mamra almonds a particular almonds variety is cultured natively in Afghanistan and most of the time products are imported from there. Nevertheless, with the strengthened trade relations its growth has been witnessed throughout the world now. 

Afghani Mamra almonds are high in protein content, vitamins, minerals, and other daily essentialities, keeping the consumers safe from cardiovascular diseases, ensuring better hair and skin, and protecting against cancers.

Afghani Mamra has its own virtues. Being protein rich it is a must consume grub for the bodybuilders. Higher amounts of Vitamins and minerals than that of the Californian Almonds means better hair health and more gorgeous skin. Mamra Almonds are known to keep the skin younger looking and healthy for a longer period of life. It is more importantly known to delay the aging symptoms. From Hypertension to Hyperglycemia, Afghani Mamra Almonds keep everything in check. The reduction in blood cholesterol levels is witnessed if Afghani Mamra almonds are eaten. This further ensures better heart health. 

Another beneficence in the Afghani Mamra is that it has higher Almond Oil Content. The SPF Sunscreens we purchase from Markets have basically this almond oil present in its composition. Thus we can undoubtedly claim that mamra almonds can prevent sun damage. Furthermore, almond oil is known to act as an excellent enhancer of the hair and skin moisture. So for a rosy soft skin and shiny silky hair, Afghani Mamra is a must.   

Not only this for eliminating the stretch marks almond oil usage is practiced as well. Also, the puffiness of eyes, under-eye circles and bettering the eye health, all this can be gained by consuming Mamra Almonds.

The Mamra almond oil reduces the appearance of acne on the skin as well as this oil act as a natural cleanser and blood purifier.

Afghani Mamra – one of the best snacks to munch on. With numerous benefits. Rich in daily essential values of nutrients. Shop from our collection of Afghani Mamra and bless yourself with the natures given menu. Afghani mamras are the original mamra variety. Premium Afghani Mamra is highly nutritious and has good oil content. Mamra is packed in its natural state. No chemicals added. These are highly organic and grow on their own. Keeping the hygiene in consideration, Premium Afghani Mamra is packed and delivered to customers. Mamra has a higher content of the oil. These premium mamra kernels from Afghanistan have countless benefits. From being advantageous to skin and hair to help in losing weight- mamra does it all. Our premium afghani mamra direct from the lands of Afghanistan are much costlier than Californian category. The reason is the more benefits it provides to us. 

Afghani mamra is long and thin. Mamra is differently propitious. To begin with, since it has a higher oil content, it is worthwhile the skin defense as it helps against acne. It purifies the blood and further acts as a cleanser. Applying Mamra almond paste directly on the skin can help too. 

These form the basis of so many dermatological products. Mamra helps to get rid of under-eye puffs and dark circles as well. One of the underlying reasons for eye puffiness may be cholesterol hike. We all know that all dried fruits help fight bad cholesterol and promote HDL levels. Thus beneficial in this sense as well. Also, the intake of Afghani Mamra almonds can help in the growth of healthy, long, shiny hair with strong hair strands and hair follicles. Apart from benefitting dermatologically, premium afghani mamra boosts cardiovascular health as well. LDL cholesterol levels are decreased and HDL are promoted. 

  • Better health of the heart is ensured. 
  • Decreases blood sugar levels.
  • Treats hypertension. 
  • The presence of antioxidants helps delay aging signs. Also, helps keep youth for a longer time. 
  • Higher in vitamin and mineral content than the rest of the Almond variety ensures protection against many cancers as Free radicals are fought off.


Can Children have Mamra Almonds?

Yes! It is highly recommended. 

How can Afghani Mamra benefit me more than other Almond Variety?

Mamra has a greater oil content. Also, they are richer in minerals and other nutrients.

Why is Mamra Costlier than Californian Almonds?

California Almonds are produced for commercial use. Mamra is highly organic in 100% natural condition.

Does Mamra Help in Weight Loss?

As a highly fibrous food, yes it does.

How many Almonds Should I take each day to reduce weight?

Four to five mamra almonds, soaked overnight. Drink the water as well.

How many Almonds Should I take each day to reduce hair fall?

To almonds in the morning for having beautiful long and strong hair.

How to identify Mamra Almonds?

These have a concave shape.

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Premium Quality Afghani Mamra (BADAM) - ISO: 22000:2015 / FSSAI Certified

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