California Almonds Imported – ISO: 22000:2015 / FSSAI Certified

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In general almond, cultivation isn’t native to California. Yet, California gets a higher amount of income from Almond cultivation. To reduce labor, technology is involved and nearly 80% of the world’s Almond Production is merely from California. The reason for this is the developed irrigation system and the fact that Californian Almonds are grown for commercial purposes.

Californian almonds offer extreme well being and overall good health. These are higher in proteins and Vitamins than the Mamra variety- including the presence of Omega-3 fatty acids. Californian almonds have lesser sugar content than that of the Mamra. Furthermore, it has a lesser amount of Carbohydrates as well as Calories. This variety of almonds is available at a cheaper cost given its availability.

Californian almonds are longer in size and aren’t grown in Indian Subcontinent, instead, these are imported from America itself. Since its plants are raised for commercial benefits, these may be available in salted form too.

There are seven major almond varieties of Californian almonds. Though the macronutrients, micronutrients, and phytosterols in each variety have similar levels, yet protein levels, fatty acids, dietary fiber amounts vary.

Californian almonds are mostly soft-shelled. This is local Indian terms is known as Kagzi Badam. Nonpareil is a classic Californian variety with a thin shell. The kernel of this Californian Almond is Elongated and thick. The skin of the kernel is very pale and thin. This variety of almonds mature fastly.

Neplus appearance in the shell is attractive, elongate, soft, and clear. The almond kernel is long and flat and is wrinkly. These variety witnesses early flowering and is spread out over a long period of time. The seed color is light and is used as blanched mostly. 

The Texas variety has a thick seed and its flowering is late. Peerless has a hard shell with light color and a smooth surface. The drupe size is medium and wide. The seed surface is fairly wrinkled. Sonora has a paper-thin shell with dark brown color and rough surface. The seed is long and narrow with light color and smooth surface. 

The presence of higher Omega-3 fatty acids makes it more beneficial for heart health than the mamra type. Also, being low in calories makes it the topmost priority for including in diet. This can promise a reduced weight, with a lot of fiber positively aiding in the goal. 

Lower calorie food is known to be beneficial in a number of ways. From longer lives to improved reproductive health. From higher levels of physical activity to lower cancer rates. From lesser age-related mental strength degradation to prevention from diabetes. All this just from a handful of Californian Almonds. What else does one want?

These drupes are taste plus health packages. Completely we can be dependent on these. If salted Californians available in the market are not consumed, rather the simple ones, it will ensure the regulation of blood pressure levels and will definitely keep hypertension in check.

Also, people who consume lower calorie diets are more active and have better moods.

America based almonds provide a great deal of health. Higher in vitamin and protein content than that of Mamra variety. A lesser amount of almond oil present. Directly imported from California. Promised hygiene and clean packaging. Genuine pricing. High-quality California almonds. Omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids present. 

  • Better eye health.
  • Sound heart health.
  • Aiding in weight reduction.
  • Improved reproductive health.
  • Prevention from diabetes.
  • Lowering cancer risks. 
  • Checking hypertension.


How different are California Almonds than Mamra in serving benefits?

The not that significant difference lies. However, California or American almonds have a lesser amount of Calories, Carbohydrates, and sugars. 

Are there varieties in California Almonds as well?

Yes. Seven.

How to differentiate Mamra from California Almonds?

California Almonds are Longer.

Are California Almond’s hard-shelled?

No. Mostly they are soft-shelled.

Are California Almonds Vegan?

Every plant-based item is vegetarian. 

Can California Almonds be Adulterated?

Not just California Almonds, all almonds can be adulterated with bitter Almonds. 

Do California Almonds provide more benefits than Mamra?

No. Although mamra and California almonds due have a minutely different nutritional profile, however, benefits are significantly the same. 

Are California Almonds available in shelled State only?

California almonds are present in shelled and unshelled both.

Is it safe to consume California Almonds?

Yes. Chemicals are used only for fertilization of the soil to support growth.

Are California Almonds 100% Organic?


Are California Almonds available as salted snacks?

Yes. Salted, sugared, candied, roasted, and above all in natural form as well.

Are California Almonds anyway better than Mamra almonds?

Yes. California almonds provide a better amount of vitamins and proteins and are low in carbohydrates, sugars and calories. This can prove to be beneficial to bodybuilders and those who suffer from hyperglycemia.

How many California Almonds a day For muscle building?

Two handfuls of badam will help the bodybuilders get enough protein for muscles to develop.

How many California Almonds a day for decreasing cholesterol levels?

For decreasing LDL cholesterol levels, 45gms of California almonds must be taken.

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California Almonds Imported - ISO: 22000:2015 / FSSAI Certified

450.001,400.00 (-31%)

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