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Mixed Dried Fruit Powder For Babies :

Each and every dry fruit is a good source of antioxidants- the polyphenols and about antioxidants, one knows that they are good to one’s skin. Other than that polyphenols improve the blood flow, benefits with a better digestive health, decrease oxidative damage and reduced risk of many diseases. It’s also anti-inflammatory,  has prebiotic properties and has vasodilating properties. Another anti-oxidant present in “Prunes” – the melanoidins( obtained from reducing sugars and proteins or amino acids during food processing and preservation ) protect against oxidative stress and endothelial cell death. The anti-oxidants present in apricots have a hepatoprotective effect.

Dates have therapeutic implications in the diseases control through anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and ant-diabetic effect. Dates are good to be eaten by pregnant women as it helps in facilitating cervical dilation, as well as decrease the need for induced labor.

Dried fruits serve as a good source of fibre. Obtained by sun drying or some other process, dried fruit has a very less amount of water in it. Dried fruits have a higher content of vitamins, minerals and the other nutrients, although the fruit size is reduced. However, Vitamin C is reduced.

Most dried fruits reduce the risk of Type-2 diabetes that it lowers the blood sugar levels. Other than this dried fruits:

  • Lower the blood sugar levels.
  • Increase good cholesterol levels
  • Because of the presence of fibres, it leads to a decrease in appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness.


Note: Lowered blood pressure levels, as well as bad cholesterol levels by itself, helps in keeping the heart healthy.

Note 2: Nowadays there are companies that make candied dried fruits available to us. We must always keep in mind that high sugar content consumed by an individual is seriously dangerous to his health- increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease and even cancers.

What to notice while buying mixed dry fruit?

Dried fruits may be contaminated with fungi. One should clearly look at the product when purchasing it. People who are sensitive to sulfites need to select the dried fruits that are brown in colour rather than brightly coloured. If consumed, he may experience stomach cramps, skin rashes and asthma attacks after ingesting them.

Types of Dried fruits available in Dry Fruits Powder For Babies

We have almost all sort of dried fruits available at our store. Most precisely the ones that are grown in Kashmir. To be more specific we provide:

  • Almonds:

Almonds are high in monounsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E, helping in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. They also include magnesium and potassium which help them to maintain normal blood pressure and heart functioning. These are one of the healthy snacks available in the market. Just ring us and we will make these available to you. Almonds provide us with numerous health benefits. The dietary fibre in almonds gives the feeling of being satiated, reducing appetite which further assists in weight loss.

Also, almonds contain monounsaturated fats which slow down the release of glucose in bloodstream reducing type-2 diabetes.

  • Dried figs:  dried figs help in controlling high blood pressure. This is because of the presence of Potassium. Like every other dried fruit, figs are also rich in fiber content. This helps in reducing weight as figs also give the feeling of fullness. Dates prunes, apple,  pears are the best of the fruits which contain high natural fiber content.

Figs contain prebiotics- which means it is good for the e-coli in intestines.

  • Walnuts: Walnuts are the nuts that are used as the main ingredient in Kashmir’s “Doon tchot”, other than as eating dry fruits. Walnuts have neuroprotective compounds such as vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants which help to enhance cognitive function. Moreover, they help in treating dementia. Walnuts reduce the proliferation of cancer cells which prevents cancers like breast cancer, pancreatic cancer/ walnuts are rich in vitamin B complex- helping to keep signs of ageing away.
  • Apricots:

Dried apricots are rich in antioxidants. This serves good for your skin and keeps you young. Also, anti-oxidants inhibit cancerous growths.  Enriched with vitamin A, apricots keep eyesight fit. Also, it helps in preventing age-related loss of sight in older people. Presence of Vitamin A also keeps the immune system sound. Vitamin C in apricots helps in keeping wrinkles away, regenerating cells and replacing dead skin cells.

Apricots are also a good source of calcium. This is required for bone formation.

Berries: When berries are dried the resulting fruit is energy dense. We get three types of dried fruits from berries:

  • Munakka
  • Kishmish
  • Sultana

         Benefits of dried grape include lowering the cholesterol levels, improving the bone health, protects against macular degeneration. Dried berries also help in fighting tooth decay and cavities.

Dried fruits Powder Nutrition For Babies:

A one cup serving (180g grams), of dried fruits cup, serves:

  • Calories from Fat is 8.5
  • Calories 441
  • Total Fat 0.9g grams which make 1% of the daily fat requirement
  • Saturated Fat 0.1g grams which make 1% of the daily saturated fat requirement
  • 0%Cholesterol 0mg milligrams
  • Sodium 40mg which make 2% of the daily requirement
  • Potassium 1394mg which make the 40% of daily potassium requirement.
  • 39% of Total Carbohydrates making 116g grams
  • 56% of Dietary Fiber in making 14g grams
  • Natural Sugars about 91g
  • Protein of 4.3g grams
  • 47% of Vitamin A
  • 10% of Vitamin C
  • 6% of Calcium 22% of Iron
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