• Royal Silver Patter Designed Square Box – Dry Fruits Diwali Gift Box – Wooden Diwali Gift Box


    • Get 4 Types of Dry Fruits in One Box.
    • California Almonds, Cashews, Golden Raisins, and Kashmiri Walnuts.
    • Get all of it in One Silver Designed, and Wooden Black Z Box Stylised.
    • Get Premium Quality Dry Fruits, and Gift it on Diwali 2020.
    • In the Box ( Cashew = 200gm, Almonds = 200gm, Green Raisins = 200gm, Walnuts = 100 = 700gm Dry Fruits )

    This Diwali makes it special, a gift that can make Immunity Strong, and make Diwali Better.

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  • Luxuries Wooden Designed Gift Box – Diwali Dry Fruits Gift Box – 4 In One Dry Fruits Diwali Gift Hamper


    • GET 4 Types of DRY FRUITS in ONE BOX
    • PERFECT GIFT nowadays in crisis.
    • GIFT you LOVE ONES BEST Impunity Power Box.
    • In the Box ( Cashew = 200gm, Almonds = 200gm, Pista = 200gm, Green Raisins = 800gm Dry Fruits )

    It has Best Quality Kashmiri Almonds, Goa’s Cashews, Golden Raisins, and IRANI Pista.


  • Premium Royal Design Patterned – Diwali Gift Box – 3 In One Dry Fruits Gift Pack WOODEN BOX

    Best Diwali Gift in 2020

    • Premium Quality Cashews (W-240)
    • Premium Quality California Almonds
    • Premium Quality Golden Raisins
    • In the Box ( Cashew = 200gm, Almonds = 200gm, Pista = 200gm = 600gm Dry Fruits )

    In the Premium Royal Designed with Golden Patterned Design / WOODEN BOX Premade Gift Box.




Dry Fruits Box Packing:

Dry fruit boxes may be available in different materials. The choice of what to choose completely lies with the customer. Dry fruits box may be made of plastic, cardboard, wood or metal. Some dealers sell cardboard in the name of the wood. And that is evident only when the product reaches you. There may be partitions present made of paper simply. For making the packing beautiful and diverse, there are shops that make these boxes separately. 

Coloured boxes with various patterns are available. Decorated with mirror pieces, beads, rings, flowers, ribbons etc. paper mache boxes of various designs and colours are available as well. These boxes may be packed with simple packing sheets available in markets without prints. That suits best. 

Dry fruit box design:


You can customize the design for your dry fruit box. You can say what type of dry fruit box you want. If you have to present the box to your sibling on Raksha Bandhan you can have a rakhi at the centre, vertically. You may have modern computerized prints on wood. Or you may have german silver-based leaf designs. Thus the list is huge. Choose from our range of designs. 

We can have acrylic dry fruit boxes for you that are highly designed. 

If you want to create and decorate one yourself, you can use Flower beads, glass beads, threads, pearls, tassel beads, or anything that strikes your mind to make your dry fruit box look appealing.


 Dry fruit box for Festivals:


Get a customized dry fruit box for your loved one at festivities. May it be Christmas, Diwali, Eid, Holi,  Janmashtami. Order from us the top quality dry fruits with highly decorated beautiful dry fruit boxes.  


Dry fruit box for Christmas:


Christmas falls in winters and nowadays winters are extremely cold. Keep up your body warmth with our delicious, highly organic dry fruits. You can give the dry fruit box to your relatives, neighbours, and your friends. Keep it by your highly decorated Christmas tree. We can provide you with the box in combination or contrast with the decorations you have put on your Christmas Xmas pine.  


 Dry fruit box for Diwali:


Celebrate the festival of lights with sound health and a fresh mind. We care for your well-being. Gift your loved ones with our dry fruit boxes for Diwali. You can have a tray-box on which you can decorate diyas. Or you can simply put diyas around the box and give it to someone.  I have seen many placing the pot-shaped dry fruit box in mid and around it little diyas and chocolates. This looks great keeping modernism as well as tradition in mind. 


Dry fruit Box for Eid:


Bless everyone with love and spread joy among all. This eid other than presenting rasgullas to others, gift them the Dry Fruit box of our store. You both(the giver and the giftee) won’t regret it. Buy fresh and delicious tasting fruits that come with the box from us and spill the happiness all around. Present to your every guest and stay fit, making your friends and family stay fit. 


 Dry fruit box decorative ideas:


Dry fruit boxes don’t need any decoration though. But

  • you can add a picture of the person you want to present it to, to the insides of the lid.
  • You can add floral ribbons
  • You can pack the box with a net wrap.
  • You can use a coloured lamination sheet. 
  • Maybe you can have the combination of using a net wrap with flower-like ribbons or coloured lamination sheet with the ribbon. 
  • You can use small plastic flowers
  • If you are having a basket-shaped dry fruit box, you can decorate the handle with original flowers. 
  • You can use peacock quills as well. If you are having a round pot keep the quill vertically.     


Dry Fruit Box Wooden


Dry fruit boxes are available with different materials. One of the most preferred boxes is wood-based. Now, this has types too. Dry fruit boxes in walnut wood are available and have the most hype. This is the best type to present to your loved ones as walnuts signify royalty. Different designs are available,  yet the colour is wooden only as walnuts can only be polished. The wood quality is extremely good. The box is durable and may or may not have designs on it. It can be a little bit more costly than the other types. Even the cost may vary between its category too, depending upon how designed the box is.

Wooden boxes may be made of teak or pine wood as well. Some stores sell cardboard in the name of wooden boxes. Remember cardboard is thin and wood is thick.  Also, cardboard can be painted with any colour anyhow. This is hard for wood and needs the material to be highly polished. That again raises the price. 

You can have zig-zag patterns, wavy patterns, rhombus patterns, simple cross patterns, carved flower patterns. 

You can have wooden dry fruit bowls as well in place of the box. These are equally eye-catching. 

  • You may get those in the shape of the leaf- maple with or without partitions. 
  • Round, low boundary dry fruit bowls. 
  • Rectangular bowls without partitions.
  • Boat-shaped
  • Swan shaped
  • Colander shaped bowls
  • Basket like 

Thus we have a huge collection of sets you would like to purchase.

Dry Fruit Wedding Box


Having dry fruits at weddings is traditional to many families of different cultures. Ludhiana weddings, Kashmiri weddings have this as an essential part to exchange dry fruits between the two marrying families. 

In fact, at Kashmiri weddings, the groom’s mother takes a huge willow basket, well decorated, to her to-be daughters home. This basket is highly loaded with all sorts of dried fruits and nuts and is filled to the brim.

Likewise, you can purchase the dry fruit wedding box for the bride at her wedding too. You can decorate the box with net coverings with small plastic flowers and ribbons maybe. You can put chocolates and original rosebuds to decorate the box as well.

Gifting the bride a silver box full of dry fruits will be completely amazing.  If you are taking baskets rather than boxes, you can decorate the handle and the boundaries with maybe a combination of pink and blue flowers. You can hang bells, or maybe decorate it with peacock feathers as well.   You can hang wisteria flowers from the handles.

Or if you stick going with the box you can surround the decorated box with Mehandi for the bride and decoration lanterns or maybe flower vases. This will be miraculously creative and amazing.

Don’t think just try presenting something like this to her. 


Dry Fruit Box Online:


This season by the best dry fruits you can have for all the festivities. For those who have been purchasing from us, they can assure as well, about the reliability of our products. Our products are kept, maintained, packed, dispatched and sent keeping hygiene and the quality of these foodstuffs our utmost priority. 

Place an order with us and enjoy our quality services. Our dry fruits are the tastiest. We grow completely organic products and don’t use any chemicals for growth. Our cultivators make sure the nuts and dry fruits remain uncontaminated with all soil pests, bacterias etc.    

Our store is Kashmir based and we have pure and healthy, nutrient-rich dry fruits available. Our delivery is always on time. The customer services are also the best in the country. We can make national as well as international deliveries. 

We have every type of dry fruits available. Walnuts, almonds, pecan, cranberries, dry figs, pistas, cashews, you name it, we have it. We can provide any variety and combination of dry fruit in your choice of box.

We can provide dry fruit boxes online in potlis.  If you want we can provide it in see-through transparent polythene bags with a zip-locker. We can also provide dry fruits in tetra-pack cartons. 

The number of dry fruits in each box will vary with the partition size. Big boxes with a larger partition will hold more stuff than the ones with lesser partitions. 

Then there is a whole variety of types of boxes. We have wood enclave boxes, we have fancy boxes, we have boxes for wedding, we have dry fruit boxes to gift, we have plastic boxes, we have silver boxes, we have teak boxes, we have fancy cardboard boxes, we have willow baskets, we have woven baskets of plastic, paper or copper material. We have antique collections of silver and walnut wood boxes, we also have pinewood boxes, we have paper mache boxes and then we have trays. Trays may be of silver,  plastic, and wood even. Willow trays may be present too. Pick your choice and try us once.

Dry Fruit Box Airtight:


To keep the dry fruits fresh you will certainly think about getting an airtight dry fruit box. Don’t worry we do have those in our list.

Plastic based dry fruit boxes won’t allow any air to sweep in. They are airtight and will keep your stuff from getting stale. Also, steel-based dry fruit boxes are airtight as well. 

But if you want to purchase the dry fruit box of your choice and still you are worried about the snacks, I assure you not to worry. 

Even if other boxes can’t be airtight, we do provide airtight packaging for that. Your dry fruits will reach you in the best state. As tasty as you have just purchased them from the market. And when they reach you, you can put those in the box, all by yourself. 

Or if you choose to be with our choice, I tell you we have a plastic and steel variety of boxes in many patterns. 

Small boxes, of the shape of glasses, with floral designs over it. And a tray exactly cut for the boxes to behold. Small plastic bowls, colour plated and a tray. Woven design plastic-based boxes. 

You can have as many designs as you wish to acquire, we promise you quality and product durability and purity. 


Dry Fruit Boxes in India:

Get a variety of dry fruit boxes in India. Made in India and styled in India. Bring the classy traditional Indian patterned dry fruit boxes to your home on any occasion you want. Diwali, Mahashivratri, Navratri, Janmashtami as well as holi. You can place the dry fruit boxes in all with dry fruits as a bogh. 

Get dry fruit boxes with vintage circular patterns, mandala patterns, vector patterns, ham patterns, ethnic border patterns, indo-Arabic patterns,  elephant vector patterns, southwest Indian patterns. Thus there is a huge, beautiful and colourful conventional pattern of Indian sub-continent.   


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