4 in One Combo Royal Patterned Dry Fruits Box – 4 Types of Dry Fruits Diwali Gift Box

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Royal Style Dry Fruits Diwali Gift

  • Get 4 Boxes in One Wooden Box with Dry Fruits
  • High-quality Almonds, Pista, Cashews, and Raisins.
  • A Special Gift for your Special Ones.
  • Golden Patterned Royal Design Box.
  • In the Box ( Cashew = 150gm, Almonds = 150gm, Pista = 150gm, Green Raisins = 150gm = 600gm Dry Fruits )

Why just normal Chocolates Diwali Gifts, Give somethings that really help and look special. In this box, you will get full pack of immunity.

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Special Premium Dry Fruit Loaded Boxes :

Is it a special occasion for your Fam? Do you want to purchase some gifts worth your money? Health jammed yet extremely delicious. Well now our store, The Kashmir Online Store brings to you the exemplary offerings of the Dry Fruit Box.
In the world of customized gifts and numerous creative and materialistic things to be presented to your loved ones, the question of why to gift a dry fruit box is genuine. So let us know the reason for this.

Can Dried Fruits in Dry Fruit Box Turn Stale:

No. Dry fruits won’t turn stale on the way. If the stuff doesn’t reach you fresh, then it wasn’t packed fresh. Once the box is jam-packed, there aren’t any chances of it being stale. Also if the packaging isn’t airtight and there is a moist and hot environment, then there may be the chances that those may turn stale.

However, you don’t need to worry. If you purchase from us, I tell you we have an excellent image of selling the best of the products to our customers with the best packing. We sell top quality dry fruits, fresh and organic. We keep in mind that the product reaches you fresh, safe, and healthy to eat. 

Best Dry Fruits To include in Our Dry Fruit Box:

In Kashmir, it is a tradition to gift the bride a dried fruit bowl with dried fruits. Mostly peanuts, cashews, raisins, and almonds. I believe the same is the best to include in the box. Also, you can make an addition to munakka as well. These all are somehow counted as nuts. You can add dried pineapple, a kiwi in the box too. Walnuts, cranberries are also a good option to be added.

If You Want To Check our Dry Fruits Online.

Gift Some Our Kashmir online Store  Dry Fruit Box to:

You can purchase our dry fruit box for anyone you like, customized according to how you are related to the person. You can gift it to your sibling on Rakhshabandhan maybe, Diwali Gift Box, Gift Box To your friends, You Can also gift Someone on his/her engagement or wedding, You Can gift For Boyfriend and girlfriend. May be to your parents or your cousins. You can gift it to anyone you want.





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4 in One Combo Royal Patterned Dry Fruits Box - 4 Types of Dry Fruits Diwali Gift Box

Rs.1,499.00Rs.1,899.00 (-21%)

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