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Dry fruits- altogether all of these all literally the nutritional hub. They are completely the powerhouse of goodness loaded with numerous benefits. Dry fruits are a great source of anti-oxidants, without any doubt anti-oxidants are known to suppress free radical generation which can distinctively make your skin look young plus it can help in fighting cancer too.

The fibre content along with the essential nutrients required by our body regularly is fed to us, just by intaking a very little amount of dried fruits. One won’t feel hungry if he consumes dried fruits, which in turn, will help in weight loss. (for those who are fitness freaks the best of the diets is to rely on the nuts.) This property of dried fruits is because of the presence of the dietary fibre.


Individually, dried fruits provide benefits differently. Like walnuts increase the brain power, almonds make your skin look young and strengthen the hair strands. Raisins and currants reduce blood sugar levels and hypertension issues. Prunes lower the bad cholesterol levels. Other than the benefits mentioned, dried fruits serve us with the number of benefits.


Since these sort of things are so native to the hills of Kashmir one must either visit the place or must order these products online. There may be traders residing in some other parts of the country, claiming to serve the quality. But, isn’t it better to buy such things from the native stores available?  


Where to buy dried fruits online?

dry blue berries In India

We at Kashmir Online Store make available to you the almonds, walnuts, resins, apricot and Figs . We certainly assure you that our products are the finest and Super Quality of all. To ensure the best interests of the people, we don’t make use of any of the chemicals to obtain the dried fruits. We keep the nutritional benefits of snacks safe.  


What if you want to purchase from some store outsides Kashmir?

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Firstly if you crave quality I suggest not to look to any store other than what is Kashmir based.

Now, if you cannot somehow purchase from Kashmir’s native store and reside somewhere near the country’s capital my suggestion is that you go looking for the nuts in Old Delhi’s Karol Bagh. This is Asia’s biggest dry fruit and spice markets. This area is close to Fatehpur masjid.  


If you are the resident of the south, residing somewhere near Tamil Nadu, I suggest you to go looking for the dried fruits at the igneous international( a complete store for dry fruits). This store is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

You Can See All Dry Fruits Here Dry fruits


However, those located near the west-coast line can purchase dried fruits from Bangalore dry fruits and nuts, situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

But I recommend Use dry Fruits From Kashmiri Origin Because They Have Good Quality Dry Fruits Like Kashmiri (Walnuts,almonds,figs,apricots and Resins )

How many walnuts to consume daily:

1kg walnut price in indiaWalnut is a wonderful nut with numerous benefits. From unsaturated fats to essential fatty acids, from vitamins to minerals walnuts along with a high nutritional value are beneficial for health.

The anti-oxidant rich nut not only keeps your skin look younger, slow down the ageing process but instead it slows down of the free radical generation, preventing cancer.

Walnuts help in lowering cholesterol levels, promoting good cholesterol, lowering hypertension and blood sugar levels. All these instead aids in keeping one’s heart healthy. Walnuts even care for your gut health and control the appetite. Walnuts support better brain functioning and provide your body with good fats, In men, walnuts support sperm health and fertility.

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Yet, one must not overeat walnuts as they have its effects too. Overeating walnuts can cause the softening of stool including bloating issues too. Also, English Walnuts may cause allergy to some people.

So one  needs to know the appropriate quantity of walnut intake:

A normal adult can take up to 43 grams of walnuts a day.

A four-year-old kid can eat 2 nuts daily and if consumed overnight-soaked we give 3-4 walnuts per day. In fact, 3-5-year-old kids can consume 2 nuts daily. 6-10-year-old kids can consume 4-5 almonds per day.  

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