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Kashmiri Pheran

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Pheran Description:

This traditional dress of Kashmir is used to keep one’s body warm during the chilling Winter period. The designer (Naqash) stencilize’s the cloth with his art, mostly framing, leaves, vines, flowers, birds, almonds etc-later the artisan (craftsman) works on the embossed cloth using a specialized needle with a hook- having the thread made of cotton, wool or silk through the hole. Just like that aari embroidery is done.

Aari embroidered pheran are made of materials like Poly-Wool, Wool and Cashmilon. The Type which it is of is specified in the description. Kashmiri Pheran is beautifully designed, with their use being from casual to party types. Pheran is traditional clothing of Kashmiri Brides, wore at the time of Nikah. But the pherans that suit at the weddings aren’t the same as the types we have pherans for winters. Wedding Pherans are embroidered with Tilla Kari. And may not be available on daily Kashmiri Craft websites. Moreover, their pricing is high too.

The beauty of Aari Kari pheran is that it has very beautiful and unique embroidery patterns. This is cheap, light to wear and a source of good warmth. Aari pheran being an upgradation of the Traditional winter pheran is colourful comparatively. Moreover, this wear of Kashmir has been modernized by the women for themselves only.

Pherans are available in the vast collection of designs, colors and sizes. The glamour of this traditional dress will be increased threefold, for if you wear it- adding charms to the looks.

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