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almonds For Weight LossEarlier being obese was taken as a sign of healthiness. Poor people had no idea about how many issues did it created. From heart problems to type 2 diabetes, in fact to some of the cancers too, being fat created many health hazards. Now that you know being fat doesn’t mean that you are healthy. Not at all. What one needs to keep in mind is that this obesity may either be because of the bad eating habits or it may be of some genetical issue. Though being genetically fat, can’t be mended much. Yet one can surely make his eating habits better.

We must not eat much, instead, we must eat wisely, in smart ways.

Now, here is something beneficial that can help us out from. Almonds– are a good source of dietary fibre and about dietary fibre one can know that it provides with the sensation of being full, giving you the desire of not eating anything. Also, Almonds are a good source of monounsaturated fats which prevents from overeating. Thus, togetherly these properties of almonds don’t let you get bulky with making you feel satiated- keeping you in a good health.    


Note: for initiating weight loss one must take about 35 grams of almonds a day-which means one-quarter of a cup

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How Many Number of Almonds to consume for healthy hair growth?

almonds for Hair growth

Those with hair fall issues surely know how disturbing it is to see each strand falling. It feels like in no time soon one can get bald. Facing this, if someday one visits a doctor he might have noticed that the medicine prescribed by the specialist contains Biotin. This biotin is present in egg yolk and almonds. For if you want to consume eggs, to regain the lost beauty of your hair, you have to eat the yolk raw or semi-cooked. This doesn’t suit everyone as it rages the stomach ache. You may even feel vomiting.

But why suffer at the hands of bad taste if you have a healthy alternative? Due to the high biotin content in Almonds, your hair grows faster and thicker. If you start using almonds today, as a part of your diet, results will be visualized in a month or two. Just to let you know, you must consume a hand full of almonds (7-8) each day.


Note: one should not only rely on almonds to get back his hair rather diet consumed should be balanced too.  if you wish to buy Check Almonds 1 Kg

Buy Almonds for bodybuilding:

That beauty isn’t what is seen in women only, nowadays, men are looked for their features too.

Yet, either it isn’t gendered that specifies whether you are a Gym person or not. It’s important to keep your body fit and fine, for it will definitely make your mind sharper and stronger.

Almonds being good for brain health, giving an edge to the well being of physique are with the limits of your pocket.

Protein is the main component of the diet that increases the body’s lean mass. One must calculate his/her calorie requirements and then consume almonds accordingly. But what researchers and the trainees suggest is to take almost 30-40 almonds per day. However, one must keep in mind not to take these nuts if he is having kidney problems.

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Almonds give you extra energy and help you in gaining the muscles. Vitamin E in almonds protects the muscles from free radical damage and slows down the growth of smooth muscle cells. Almonds contain good fats- both monounsaturated as well as polyunsaturated. Fats are known to provide energy, yet they structure our body too.


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